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  1. I didn’t remove the logos from the plane and loaded as editorial. But I removed all the titles from the description from the keywords and description. And after accepting the file, I added a few words. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/parisfrance-07-17-2016-airplane-airbusair380-1823865290
  2. https://www.shutterstock.com/search/airbus+a380?rid=3984992 These planes should then be removed.
  3. Well, what is difficult in clarifying the reasons for the refusal. Two extra lines of code. All the same, it is primarily artificial intelligence that checks.
  4. I removed the name of the airline, aircraft brand, airport name from the description. And got rejected keywords with errors. I removed all the words and left only what the shutterstock picker offers. And they accepted. Time will tell if it was worth my effort. Thank you, All.
  5. I did not overwrite the logos. So I sent the photo as editorial. I do not understand the reasons for the refusal. (C) from SS "We cannot accept this image into our commercial or editorial collection, or we are no longer accepting this type of content". I understand why it cannot be used as a commercial. But I don't understand why the editorial refusal
  6. Hey. Please help me understand the reason for the refusal. This particular Airbus cannot be loaded or Dubai Airways. Why was the editorial photo of the aircraft rejected?
  7. 98.71$ Dreamstime I'm already tired of waiting for the dreamtime to wake up and reach $ 100. Shutterstock give small subscriptions, but were successful singles that saved the day
  8. Congratulations! I think after a while SS will raise the maximum size. But you can try your advantage on other sites where there is no restriction. And it seems to me that you can write an action to reduce the size of files and minimize the problem?
  9. It looks like the author of the topic has lost interest in microstock and does not upload photos. Mike, if it's not a secret, how many downloads did you get per month with 1,700 photos in your portfolio?
  10. Yes, part of the Nasa element is in the composition. Thanks
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