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  1. I like the geometry of the lines. My gaze wanders.
  2. Shutterstock sells everything at 0.10. I can't even withdraw money. But adob pleases. It sells less in quantity than shutterstock, but his payouts are much higher.
  3. Doug, you misunderstood. The phone is not a replacement for a camcorder, DSLR. It's just a thing that I always carry with me. And suddenly it may be required for random videos and photos. For scheduled shoots, I use a different quality technique. I recently broke my phone and am choosing a new one so that it can sometimes be used on SS as well.
  4. Thanks for the tip for iCatchy. And what about the acceptance of Panasonic camera TZ200 photos and videos at SS? And on AD? In my opinion, adob is now more picky about quality. Thank you. I'm not a fan of Apple, I prefer android. But I am wonderin: "Did you use the iphone SE 2020 in your video portfolio"?
  5. Hello everyone Could you please help a mobile for rare use on stocks? I have a Canon Mark 3 camera, but I don't always have it with me. Sometimes there is very good lighting and plot, but there is no camera with you. I always carry my mobile with me. I have requirements for mobile 1. Does not heat up and does not slow down 2. Sufficient memory for many applications 3. Not slippery. Maybe the problem is with me, but I keep dropping my phones. 4. A photo, a video that gives an acceptable quality for a SS I don't want an iPhone, I need an android. As for the price, let it be a maximum
  6. Ничего не сделаешь. Если бы статуэтка была не основной деталью фото, то еще можно было оспорить, а так да интеллектуальная собственность
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