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  1. Congratulations! I think after a while SS will raise the maximum size. But you can try your advantage on other sites where there is no restriction. And it seems to me that you can write an action to reduce the size of files and minimize the problem?
  2. It looks like the author of the topic has lost interest in microstock and does not upload photos. Mike, if it's not a secret, how many downloads did you get per month with 1,700 photos in your portfolio?
  3. Yes, part of the Nasa element is in the composition. Thanks
  4. Thank you. Great shots and I like the haze. I suppose the SS would have rejected such shots. And you have a release for a man in a red T-shirt? Or does Arcangel require no release for people from the back? Can I use Nasa photo in Arcangel?
  5. @Alexandre Rotenberg Please, tell me what are the requirements for collage from Arcangel. If you take three photos from SS and make a collage. Doesn't this collage fit Arcangel? Is it considered a non-exclusive violation? And if, as a simplified example, take the shoes from the front, top and side. If the front view is loaded onto the SS, can the same boots from the same survey be taken from the top and side and loaded onto Arcangel?
  6. The month started off great, but now there is something quiet.
  7. Thank. I can take a couple of shots at a traffic light in a traffic jam. 🙂But while driving it is too dangerous.☹️ Great video!
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