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  1. Geogif is not in this thread. There is only a fan club😋. So I allowed myself a little flood
  2. Amazing. And the same artificial intelligence or reviewer rejects 2 of my photos from different angles in one batch with the reason there is already a similar photo!
  3. Thank you, Alexander. Alamy is a strange stock. Alamy bought photos that I didn't even want to upload. Photo initially with erroneous exposure and then heavily corrected in lightroom.
  4. I stopped downloading shutterstock and sales have dropped dramatically for two months now. I don't know if it's right or not, but I'm trying to upload a portfolio to Alami, but there is such a stupid attribution system to get green status and it's slow.
  5. As a guess. Or maybe you said kind words about Trump? And now it is a crime)
  6. Lightroom is a mixture of Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera RAW and some Photoshop features. I create catalogs in lightroom for RAW files, select the best shots in them. I make small adjustments to exposure compensation and stuff like a camera. Sometimes a little color correction, I remove large spots in lightroom. All this is quick and you can quickly transfer correction and other things from one file to other files in the directory. What annoys me about lightroom is that they sort the keywords alphabetically. If Lightroom fixed this thing, then in 90% of cases I would only use Lightroom. Th
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