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  1. Check this out. And leave honest review. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.shutterstock.com
  2. Don't wait and see, just deactivate it. Wait and see will take us nowhere, we have to make a statement. We have to be united as much as it is possible and let them wait and see what can happen if you bite the hand that's feeding you. Already ss is on a move deactivating and deleting comments on social media. Also hiring bots to make 5 star reviews on their app. They wouldnt do that if we waited to see what will happen. If you think they will expose your content more to compensate on % they cut from you, they will not. You will just get less and less money for your hard work. Don't wa
  3. This is, sadly, very much true. AS and P5 will follow with crazy subscription plans, and they will cut our commission, it is just a matter of time. SS should be last line of defense as eskystudio said.
  4. Hahaha, non taken! Im not even sure what are you talking about I was comparing SS bots to bots from my country - Serbia
  5. Yeah, thats low. They hire people that in my country are called bots to vote for them. Our regime 'government' is doing the same thing on facebook, twitter and instagram. Twitter just shut down some 8k of fake accounts. Nice SS, you really are ss.
  6. Maybe no need to turn it off, just stop uploading and see what happens. If it doesnt do any good, then we turn off our portfolios. A lot of people already left.
  7. I agree for petition, but nothing cost us to sign it. They turned of comments on IG, which just shows their true face once again. And for me is a small victory. Only thing that happen here is disobedience, which means stop uploading content, and see what happens.
  8. Stop uploading, boycott everything from SS. Leave bad reviews and comments everywhere across the web. Cutting down everyone's earnings by 50% is a disgrace and should be followed accordingly.
  9. It is possible that we will get back some % of our earnings back. Not all ofc. This is actually a very old trick. My post from another forum: If you want to raise tax for 5%, you go into public with information that you are going to raise tax for 8%, then all the people go on rage frenzy, after 2-3 weeks of this, and some kind of negotiations, they come to conclusion that 5% increase is a win-win situation. Remember that 5% increase was initial idea.
  10. If i was somebody at Adobe Stock, i'd up % right now for 5%. Even if they dont do anything, they will get new contributors, with increase of earning % they would get everybody.
  11. If SS act like this, respond accordingly. Stop upload. Write to contributor support. Bad rates and comments for the app. Bad comments on Instagram account. etc.
  12. 10c per image, 60c per video clip. Nice SS division. All stop on June 1st.
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