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  1. It would be nice if people understand that posting on social media is way more important than screaming in this empty bag called forum.
  2. Right ! Don't use social media to show everyone what corporate leeches we are, talk to our automated response system at submit@shutterstock.com. Too late boys and galls !
  3. Hi everyone, since I decided to deactivate my video port right after SS decided to try a new size of dildo on our butts, here’s my approach on this new ticking bomb (You will feel it every January 1st): Start your shop elsewhere, literally: Start selling your work with Facebook shop or even better, start your own site. I’ve seen the micro riot starting on the forum, but they know (SS) that 99% of us will have no problem selling their work for 10 cents. Why ? Because of the lack of self respect! I don’t think I need to remind you that Getty still has a lot of contributors. So, take it or leave it, agree or disagree (I don’t really care) this is my idea for you: START YOUR OWN SHOP ! Some may say it’s hard to reach clients, I say all clients use social media. If you work exclusively for yourself and not some corporate leeches, you will sell less at first but you’ll get 90% of the income (more or less, you decide what amount to invest in promoting). Imagine getting 100 dollars for one image (try to sell on a “extended” type of license, because you don’t really know what the client is doing with your image, but hey, neither does SS or any other agency) Again, these are a few pointers, the main idea being WORK FOR YOURSELF, BE INDEPENDENT ! Good luck and peace on Earth !
  4. I disabled the video port a week ago, I am not their slave. I just don't understand people that are willing to sell their work for 60 cents, but I understand that they are betting on contributors petty greed to go on. It's literally a matter of 10 seconds to disable the video sales and they are no longer able to sell our work. Again, I don't blame them: they asked, many of us gave in. Good luck !
  5. Ah, the 3d world cubicle robot working on a spreadsheet of predefined answers. It appears “delete account” does not compute
  6. No need to delete all those videos. You can disable the footage sales.
  7. Silly me, I thought it had something to do with the text above. I just pressed the “?” and realized they are two different things
  8. So true. There is a saying in my country that pretty much translates to “stupid is the one who gives not the one who demands”
  9. Great port man, it would be a shame to sell all those videos for pennies. I have no answer to my question about the opt-out, so I guess deleting the remaining videos in my port is the only option.
  10. Do we have an opt-out on these INCREDIBLY profitable 3$/clip subs ? Or just stop uploading here and go somewhere else ? Thanks ! L.E. Since miss Kate is not interested in answering today, here’s the solution:
  11. Same here, it looks like they are walking on the footsteps of Getty. A dark day, no minimum !
  12. Cool, can you also explain the massive drop in sales ? 3 sales today and it is 7 PM. Was that also a quick blip ? Cheers !
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