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  1. Then take my footage off your system, 2 months is more than 72 hours, You have no legal right to use or sell my material!
  2. Thanks Adri, I could do it myself, I'm just trying to highlight that this is an issue, I'm sure payment would go through, SS has taken enough money off me over the years and I'm reluctant to give them any more and have to fight for months to get my money back from the sale due to poor support here. Anyway just be aware of this, it's pretty grim! If they hide this post they are only hiding their guilt.
  3. I hear you, but the main issue is that the footage can still be added to the SS cart and sold, other files say 'sorry that item is unavailable' which is what I expected to happen but obviously this hasn't happened to all files. How would I get paid if this item is sold, they don't have my payment details, it's in breach of Pond5 exclusive contract. SS has completely over looked the fact that my footage is still searchable on Google using keywording that is still attached to the media.
  4. If they do they will also be in breach of my exclusivity contract with Pond5
  5. I have taken screen shots of this thread, so if it is removed I can post the findings elsewhere, thanks for letting me know this and be careful, it's not all of my work but even so, it is wrong on so many levels.
  6. I didn't 'disable' my port, I 'terminated' my account outright and went exclusive with Pond5. So why is some of my work still active here? And nobody from the Data protection department has been in touch so they still have my personal data!
  7. I started to do that before I left, they haven't factored in that work is searchable on Google, there is a glitch somewhere that works to their advantage and it is a myth that work is removed from their servers. I wouldn't put it past them to keep on selling my work. Again this is more than 2 months after I left.
  8. I left this fiasco over 2 months ago when I could see all this happening when they added the new low video sub scheme to their box of tricks. My work is still searchable on google and items still added the the SS cart! https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1032807932-weeds-growing-through-concrete-ground-shot-background Who gets the sale? How is this still possible after over 2 months? Just because it isn't searchable here customers do use Google!
  9. Just want to say good luck to you guys, don't let the BASTARDS grind you down!
  10. Even a simple matter of asking them to close my account becomes a saga
  11. I wouldn't trust SS not to keep selling my clips without my knowing to be honest, if they can pull a stunt like this during the Worlds worst disaster in a Century, I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them now. They have exploited me enough over the past few years.
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