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  1. So basically what are you saying is that they are joking with us?
  2. Still can't download tax form. Will anybody answer us? When you will resolve this bug?
  3. Tax form download doesn't work!
  4. Upload doesn't work. images upload almost to the end and then they stop uploading.
  5. I got this message from SS "We have detected some irregular activity on your account. As a precaution, the password for your account has been reset." When I click on the link for creating new password I get message Too Many Requests and I'm unable to get to the required login screen. So basically I'm locked out of my own account. Shutterstock I'm waiting for your answer.
  6. I got email from SS that they reset my password because of suspicious activity on my account and that I should choose new password. When I click on the link for resetting password that they gave me I get message "Too many requests". So basically Im also locked out of my account at the moment. When I try to get to the login page I get the same message.
  7. I know this happens all the time but just wanted to know if only on my account earnings from previous month were not subtracted.
  8. Same for me Laurin. Strong start at the beginning of month, bad at the end. As a result May was much better than April but far behind March which was great for me.
  9. November, December, January and February were pretty bad. Then came the March, Best Month Ever. April was worst in who knows how many years. May is good. Hope it stays that way.
  10. Yes, we want to see real, core changes on Shutterstock. We are not really interested in changing makeup. Start doing stuff you promised. Or did Shutterstock hire politicians instead of professionals?
  11. Map is gone. Downloads part of the Map is blank white,
  12. Maybe we should open a thread in which we will post only links to these trash portfolios. As you guys said, it's insulting, it's disgusting. There is no place for these people amongst honest photographers and creatives. These portfolios should be deleted without notice and reviewers who accepted these photos should be fired. And Shutterstock should be ashamed. My daughter with rudimentary photoshop skills could make 1000's of these "things" a week. Did you consider a possibility that there are no reviewers at all? I can't imagine that anyone in the age of instagram and such could accept those monstrosities. It's beyond me how can you do that and still have a job tomorrow.
  13. I had 10 images waiting for review for more than a week. Counter said 0 images were pending approval. I deleted them because they were obviously invisible to this super buggy amateurish Shutterstock system. I reuploaded them and submitted 3 images. Images pending approval counter again says 0 images were submitted.
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