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  1. I love this photo a lot but i didn't have the model release. Does it mean that the photo won't be approved? Thanks.

    © sunsetsunrise

  2. sunsetsunrise


    It just got approved !!
  3. sunsetsunrise


    Thank you James, I just corrected the caption as you said. Let's see if it's get approved this time.
  4. sunsetsunrise


    I just submit the image again and got refused again. Could someone tell me what the problem with this caption is, pls? I read the guide and this caption follows the format they require. Or I have to describe in more details like "Venetian masks for Venice Carnival"? VENICE, ITALY- FEBRUARY 2015: Venice Carnival masks
  5. sunsetsunrise


    This photo wasnt approved With the reason that the caption isnt proper and must tagged as editorial. Obviously English is not my mother language so I dont know how I should caption it. Does Venice carnival masks sounds more correct. Thank you!!
  6. sunsetsunrise


    Masks in Venice Carnival
  7. Thank you Darla, Rinder for your advices. Rinder, I'll send you the file soon.
  8. haha, no. It was a second hand DSLR. I had no clue what iso, shutter, aperture were at that time and took photo with the setting made by the previous owner...probably the iso was too high plus poor job of photoshopping. I just started to read the manual recently so next time the photos will look better, promise.
  9. Thanks for your advices. Guess I need to learn the most basic things about photography first. Ill try to improve next time.
  10. sunsetsunrise


    photo taken during my summer vacation in Abruzzo, Italy
  11. Stunning view in National park of Abruzzo, Italy
  12. photo taken during my vacation in Italy
  13. sunsetsunrise

    Summer vacation in Italy

    photos taken in Umbria, Abruzzo, Toscana, Italy during my summer vacation. I'm open to all advices/opinions. Thanks
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