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  1. It's probably a bug of some kind. If you click on one of the thumbnails in his portfolio to open an individual image page and then click on his name on that page, a completely different page opens to show the landscape photos.
  2. @Heide Pinkall I reported the language change bug on the 9th of this month and received a reply that the technical team has taken over the issue. The same bug happened before. I believe the tech team is working on it now.
  3. @Squeeb Creative Changing the details of the Personalize my Shutterstock portfolio page is not currently working. I have already reported the bug and received a reply from the care team once, but it was not fixed and I have lost contact with them after that. I would like to believe that the technical team is still working on fixing the issue. If you are going to contact the support team, try the following before doing so to make the conversation go more smoothly. 1.Attempt to make changes again after over 24 hours. 2.Delete the cache, cookies and system history. And restart t
  4. @milagrosvita I'm also having trouble changing the information on the Personalize my Shutterstock portfolio page. If you don't mind, could you please tell me how you fixed it?
  5. I didn't know about 99designs so far. Reading the rules, the ID needs to be verified in order to participate in the contest as a designer there. Passport, ID card or driver's license. And a face photo too. So it must be quite difficult to create multiple accounts to participate in the contests there, isn't it? https://support.99designs.com/hc/en-us/articles/205460145-What-is-identity-verification-
  6. Same here. Until last month, AS sales were about three times as high as SS. The sales unit price is much higher for AS. This month, however, the number of AS downloads is low, and SS sales are double that of AS. It' s very strange.
  7. January is certainly going to be the best time to make money for Shutterstock. We contributors won't be able to bring ourselves to say Happy New Year anymore. It's like a people suffering from heavy taxes. There is no welfare policy. The federal minimum wage in the US is $7.25 per hour. Divide 725 by 60. The pay per minute is 12 cents. Hence, 10 cents is only worth 50 seconds.
  8. @StreetVJ Shutterstock already knows how to send money to you. In my case, I've never been asked to confirm the details of a payment service via email. So if the person asks you for personal information about the payment service or a password to verify your identity at the negotiation stage, it's a scam. I think that's the key to discerning whether it's a scam or legitimate. If it's a legitimate offer, that $1,000 should be combined with the next payment.
  9. Hi! Has the Shutterstock expert sent this to the person in charge? When I was consulted about a technical glitch, Shutterstock Experts turned it over to the technical team. As Firn said, it's unlikely that Shutterstock Experts would know any better about the exclusivity deal. Like Anita, the letter I received was almost exactly the same wording as the one you received. Hope it goes well!
  10. @StreetVJ It shouldn't be spam. I have had a similar experience. It's not well known that exclusive buying often happens. This is because of the confidentiality that comes with that contract. If you're happy with the 12-month price offer, don't miss out on the chance to get it. If you do sign up, I would recommend deleting this thread so as not to bother your client. Good luck!
  11. @yuilovedraw Hi! It appears that you have two active portfolios at the present moment. It's a strange situation whatever the cause. I hope that this problem is resolved quickly. Take a look at the end of each URL. (portfolio: yui+lee) https://www.shutterstock.com/g/yui+lee (portfolio: yuicolour) https://www.shutterstock.com/g/yuicolour (404: yui+lee_cute) https://www.shutterstock.com/g/yui+lee_cute
  12. @Anita Ponne Did you read the article below already? Behance Community Guidelines (Excerpt) "Behance is a platform for sharing your own creative work to the public — not for uploading or sharing other people's work that you like. Please do not upload other people's work to your own profile." "If you want to report misuse of your own creative work or your own trademark by one of our users, you can do that here." "If you ever experience a user violating the Community Guidelines, you can make a report to us. See below on how to make a report to us." https://www.behance.net
  13. Hi! The "View answer" button worked well for me yesterday. The expert who responded to my question sent my case to SS tech team after the first inspection. Click on the "View answer" button >> A new tab automatically opens >> Chat panel on the right side (I use Chrome) I read the full answer on the chat panel and sent some image data as evidence through the panel. The view answer button is still alive now, so I can still see the already completed conversation. If the "View answer" button does not work normally, try a different web browser.
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