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  1. @Squeeb Creative Changing the details of the Personalize my Shutterstock portfolio page is not currently working. I have already reported the bug and received a reply from the care team once, but it was not fixed and I have lost contact with them after that. I would like to believe that the technical team is still working on fixing the issue. If you are going to contact the support team, try the following before doing so to make the conversation go more smoothly. 1.Attempt to make changes again after over 24 hours. 2.Delete the cache, cookies and system history. And restart t
  2. @milagrosvita I'm also having trouble changing the information on the Personalize my Shutterstock portfolio page. If you don't mind, could you please tell me how you fixed it?
  3. I didn't know about 99designs so far. Reading the rules, the ID needs to be verified in order to participate in the contest as a designer there. Passport, ID card or driver's license. And a face photo too. So it must be quite difficult to create multiple accounts to participate in the contests there, isn't it? https://support.99designs.com/hc/en-us/articles/205460145-What-is-identity-verification-
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