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  1. With only 136 images (2 pages) are you already at 3rd level? Well done...
  2. Your problem is simple, these images are not only similar but identical and except for one detail (the face has moved). SS chose in their great kindness, the best (landscape mode). Your port contains a lot of similar ones .... don't be surprised ...
  3. So, I have the right to ask myself why since January 1, why I sell very little .... and everything has 10 c. Yet I am not saying anything bad about SS ... it is even the opposite .... It's called demagoguery or conspiracy, chronic ??? Also, how many contributors have returned home? how much?. The real reason for the bad sales is the result of an increasing covid19, which is accelerating, and in full change, the tense situation in the USA and therefore very low morale ... But CERTAINLY NOT ANY VENGEANCE. Take a deep breath and be patient, the good weather will return, that's for sure ..
  4. Mr Jean-de-la-Fontaine (French poet 1621/1695) in a fable "Death and the woodcutter" ended his fable with a line that has become a proverb: "Rather suffer than die, that is the motto of men." I agree with you, and after 4 years of experience with SS, I am still okay for better and for worse, even though the income has gone down. FYI, this drop in sales has nothing to do with the new provisions. This is just the direct consequence with the Covid19 epidemic (especially in the US) and also with the ongoing political problems.
  5. It is clear that plotting with Bezier curves is very restrictive, but .. with a few hours of learning, it becomes really brilliant. Do not worry about the tutorials, in your menu, the pen tool with these 6 variants allow you to work miracles. at the beginning, for example, make a square, and find out how to make points, remove them, make curves, in a very short time you will get there. You will have to close the curve. for the thickness, it will be necessary to transform the trace into a selection with thickness, blurring and other functions ... and if like me you have worked hard on this func
  6. Thank you for your answer, it's just that now it's 100% sure. Thank you also for our Cathedral, in fact the securing works are finished, and they will start the first restoration works soon. FYI, my wife was born in France, but of a Dutch father. name: "Wardenaar" we too old age is felt, both 71 years old.đŸ™„
  7. It's written on the first "contributor" page ...
  8. On January 1, all contributors' earnings will reset to level 1. đŸ™„
  9. To be (very, very) motivated ... and frankly, it is not won ... đŸ™„
  10. And do you find that normal? Since when should you be like everyone else? The contributors are totally free to do what they want, the opinion of others is secondary ... well that's my opinion.đŸ™„
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