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  1. June average: 0.59 Average for early July: 0.33 Sales are shy but are starting to go up.
  2. Acceptance time. A series and hop ... I have time to take two weeks of vacation, it is not beautiful life?
  3. A thief will not pay 0.26 cents
  4. In 12 days in June, I did more than with the old payment. I was at least 0.33, and sometimes 2.45, and today see the table, I know that on January 1, I would fall back to level 1, but with 2800 images and almost 4 years of existence (the most strong 2019 and 2020) and some changes to my shooting strategy, I could regain 3 levels in a few months. I'm also on AS, but in 4 years just 9 images ... and $ 2.20 !! but I have been resuming the download for a few days. But frankly wait almost 15 days for acceptance, it's not terrible .... we'll see! Lieu Gains Date Westmont, United States 3,63 $US 13/06/2020 Toulouse, France 2,84 $US 13/06/2020 Dijon, France 0,10 $US 12/06/2020 Paris, France 2,44 $US 12/06/2020 Berlin, Germany 0,10 $US 10/06/2020 Paris, France 0,10 $US 10/06/2020 Paris, France 5,08 $US 10/06/2020 Paris, France 0,10 $US 09/06/2020 Paris, France 0,10 $US 09/06/2020 Hyderabad, India 0,12 $US 09/06/2020 Kenitra, Morocco 0,15 $US 08/06/2020 Élancourt, France 0,10 $US 08/06/2020 Altamonte Springs, United States 0,10 $US 06/06/2020 Altamonte Springs, United States 0,10 $US 06/06/2020 Altamonte Springs, United States 0,10 $US 05/06/2020 Coulaines, France 0,10 $US 05/06/2020 Paracuellos De Jarama, Spain 0,10 $US 04/06/2020 Vantaa, Finland 0,14 $US 04/06/2020 Esztergom, Hungary 0,13 $US 03/06/2020
  5. Do you find it normal to twist SS's neck? Everyone has the right to do what they want, and we are no longer children. You have your reasons (good or bad), but those of others count as much as yours ...
  6. Why sales fall, nothing for 3 days (never seen) and after 1 sale per day ... 0.10 and 0.11 and yesterday 0.13. We will arrive at the WE and as dab it will be worse ...
  7. I am 100% in agreement with you .... Each of us, do as we see fit, this is called Democracy ...
  8. Why? already, each one has its own reasons, for my part, with 2300 images (2150 editorials) No other Microstocks offers me this possibility (as easily). My earnings are very low, around $ 300 / year ($ 0.33 base s), now probably no more than around $ 150. My wife and I are 70 years old and have a very decent retirement. so it doesn't matter to me. I have been accepted in 5 or 6 microstocks for 4 years and I kept only AS, with ... 15 images and $ 3.50 ..., So now my only change will be: commercial images will be uploaded to AS and SS and editorials at SS only. Regarding SS, I "missed the train" (I started shyly in 2017) and I am at 800 downloads and an average of $ 0.60. As they say in France, you should never put all these eggs in one basket, not having done so, costs me dear, but that's life. Many companies, lay off, close, or review their strategies, that's how we can do nothing. When I see some contributors who have won very large, even exceptional amounts, I really congratulate them for their courage and their patient, but it all comes to an end, I still find out today. There is no such thing as making money for life ... there will always be a problem ....
  9. My port is 2300 images, including 2150 in editorial, I have no problem to date. Exception: about fifteen images refused in editorial and commercial for licensing problems.
  10. SS opened the new payment plan on June 1, 2020 ... OK But on January 1, 2021, he will reset the counters to $ 0.10 until 2022 ...☹️ (for the unlucky ones)🙄 But then, why start this change on June 1, they take us 7 months ...?😠
  11. I read somewhere that contributors who downloaded more than 100 images in 2020, would not be impacted until January 1, 2021 ...
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