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  1. This is false ... To test, I did several tests, very early in the morning until 3 or 4 p.m. between one and five images every 15 minutes, and the acceptance obtained between 10 seconds and 15 minutes. I like it, because we are reassured right away, on the other hand the upload is long, one or two days, but in my case, it is not important.
  2. Well, let's be clear, I make many castles, in 2017 isolated statues were accepted, not anymore .... and in addition it does not sell, so ... the easiest is not to do it anymore .
  3. 17 sales since August 1, the last today August 14, 2020 ... for the wonderful sum of $ 0.12 🙄
  4. In 2016 I was debuting with SS, and this image was the first to be offered to the fierce eye of the examiner (humor) and to date it has been sold 74 times, including the last time, yesterday morning July 13, 2020. Laurin was the first to congratulate me, I take this opportunity to wish him a happy birthday (he has except error 3 years older than me.) 74 68
  5. After formatting hard drive, I lost the link to the keyword research application. Can someone help me. tank you
  6. REJOIGNEZ - VOUS samedi à 21h48 ------------ Je vois que vous avez rejoint SS samedi, et que vous contestez SS 3 jours plus tard .... Vous n'aimez pas ma réponse, c'est un fait, mais vous n'êtes ni le premier ni le dernier à prétendre tout faire correctement. Pour ma part, je fais des photos depuis 50 ans (40 ans en amateur et 10 ans en tant que pro. Sur SS quand j'ai commencé j'ai eu beaucoup de refus, puis avec le temps très peu. Même aujourd'hui, je suis confronté à les nouvelles normes de SS, j'analyse les 6 ou 7% de retour (Licence inacceptable, mise au point du sujet principal, ou vitesse trop faible (intérieur sombre), je les jette, les autres avec du bruit / atefact, je les corrige car je me trompe dans de nombreux cas, et après avoir été revus, ils passent en 10 minutes. Je n'ai JAMAIS critiqué ceux qui refusent, j'essaye de comprendre, et ce n'est pas facile. SS semble prendre ou reprendre une qualité maximale, et c'est très bien. En lisant le forum et ces contributeurs de qualité, on m'a appris à être humble, et je ne pourrai jamais les remercier assez. Mes excuses pour la langue qui n'est pas la mienne ...
  7. And of course, it's SS, the ugly duckling who sabotages the images of the nice little contributors. What a pretension to believe that ... At no time did you think that it was your images that were badly taken ...?
  8. June average: 0.59 Average for early July: 0.33 Sales are shy but are starting to go up.
  9. Acceptance time. A series and hop ... I have time to take two weeks of vacation, it is not beautiful life?
  10. A thief will not pay 0.26 cents
  11. In 12 days in June, I did more than with the old payment. I was at least 0.33, and sometimes 2.45, and today see the table, I know that on January 1, I would fall back to level 1, but with 2800 images and almost 4 years of existence (the most strong 2019 and 2020) and some changes to my shooting strategy, I could regain 3 levels in a few months. I'm also on AS, but in 4 years just 9 images ... and $ 2.20 !! but I have been resuming the download for a few days. But frankly wait almost 15 days for acceptance, it's not terrible .... we'll see! Lieu Gains Date Westmont, United States 3,63 $US 13/06/2020 Toulouse, France 2,84 $US 13/06/2020 Dijon, France 0,10 $US 12/06/2020 Paris, France 2,44 $US 12/06/2020 Berlin, Germany 0,10 $US 10/06/2020 Paris, France 0,10 $US 10/06/2020 Paris, France 5,08 $US 10/06/2020 Paris, France 0,10 $US 09/06/2020 Paris, France 0,10 $US 09/06/2020 Hyderabad, India 0,12 $US 09/06/2020 Kenitra, Morocco 0,15 $US 08/06/2020 Élancourt, France 0,10 $US 08/06/2020 Altamonte Springs, United States 0,10 $US 06/06/2020 Altamonte Springs, United States 0,10 $US 06/06/2020 Altamonte Springs, United States 0,10 $US 05/06/2020 Coulaines, France 0,10 $US 05/06/2020 Paracuellos De Jarama, Spain 0,10 $US 04/06/2020 Vantaa, Finland 0,14 $US 04/06/2020 Esztergom, Hungary 0,13 $US 03/06/2020
  12. Do you find it normal to twist SS's neck? Everyone has the right to do what they want, and we are no longer children. You have your reasons (good or bad), but those of others count as much as yours ...
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