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  1. I find it hard to do better but every day I advance a little more ...😁
  2. Level 4 reached ... with difficulty this year, more than 3 months and 20 days before the reset ...🤥
  3. I do this genre a few times, it sells quite well, but nothing more ....
  4. What unnecessary impatience, I received the amount requested yesterday, June 9, 2021 on Paypal. This time again and since 2017, I have always been paid between the 7th and the 12th of the month. Frankly I do not understand this discussion ...🙄
  5. C'était un bon moment, moi à 19 ans j'ai épousé une belle blonde. le 20 septembre, nous fêterons nos 52 ans de mariage. Oups les Halles de Paris comme souvenirs, maintenant c'est le Forum des Halles, le nouveau, car le premier a été démoli et le Centre Pompidou. Une image d'une partie du nouveau Forum des Halles The Forum des Halles (renamed Westfield Forum des Halles in 2019) is a French shopping center located on the site of the former central halls of Paris. It welcomes 150,000 visitors daily1. In 2017, the Forum des Halles was the third most visited shopping center i
  6. Hello my friend, beautiful your field of tulips, the Queen of flowers in Holland. We have in common: age, you 72 in July, my wife 72 in November (November 19) and me 72 in November (November 4). And it seems to me that I had already told you, that my wife's maiden name is "Wardenaar" Dutch Father For the vaccines me in March 23, 2021 and second 1 month later, my wife a little before.
  7. It's good, I'm at level 3 and a third of level 4, sales are slowly picking up. Overall (lots of editorials) I have some $ 0.10, but often $ 0.12 and $ 0.14 or $ 1.40 to $ 2. A surprise, images never sold. I lose 30% of my income, but it does not matter to me, I do not live from it, (it is a simple passion) and I am only on SS, because to redo all this work (3300 images) on others stocks, soon to be 72, I have plenty of other things to do ... life is far too short. 😁
  8. Sold for 28 days ...? WELL DONE! 😁
  9. Kate, kisses from France. At shutterstock (only) since 2016 I have learned a lot of your advice or info, and also some of the older ones. Have a good trip in your new job ...🥰
  10. One day I had an image which, accepted, was not in the portfolio, after a month, I abandoned the case .... (several emails) The worst thing is that could not propose it again, it was refused for the reason that "this file had already been accepted" ..... Three or four months later, during a routine check, I found it as if by magic ... Conclusion, if the problem one day reproduces ... I would close my eyes ... and go my way . 🙄🙃
  11. t's a horror without a name, I tried it on several of my grandchildren, the videos don't have "souls anymore", and also, the movements are always the same. In short, it's only a toy for having fun with the family (and still not sure), a bit like on cellphones, which one day make a nasty face, one day a comical face. NO USEFUL.
  12. With only 136 images (2 pages) are you already at 3rd level? Well done...
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