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  1. We must have a choice !! Dear Shutterstock team, create the following buttons on the contributors page:
  2. I like this: "From Dreamstime with Love" https://www.dreamstime.com/blog/dreamstime-love-54073 "This means that financial aid will be now employed for a more community-centered strategy. For you, this means that all purchases beginning with June 1st will reward an extra 10% increase in the royalties value for all downloads, regardless of the exclusive or non-exclusive status. For clarity, a download that now awards 50% royalties will award 55% after the increase."
  3. I completely agree with Jasmin))!! I humbly suggest the CEO and the entire management team take their own medicine and every January first have their salaries reset to an absolute minimum monthly value. Then, as the revenue starts to grow over time, their salaries can slowly claw themselves back into the regular contract pay value. And of course just a few months later, they happily start again at the bottom with every new year. How „motivating and fair“ will this compensation system be for themselves and any employees?? The reset to zero value for all portfolios at N
  4. Dear Shutterstock, We artists are not only lose! Make us a worthy offer for artists???!
  5. Dear Shutterstock Guide Where is the support of author's inspiration? Where is your respect for artists? Where is the compromise? Where are the bonuses? Collaboration must be two-way !!
  6. I have been on shutterstock since 2015. This new earnings structure is the worst news ever. I am deeply disappointed and very upset. I decide to stop upload to shutterstock and give preference to other agencies with fair payouts. I protest the sale of my paintings for 10 cents !!
  7. Hello, this is what i have to say about the new "update about the new earnings structure". This is blackmail in its purest form! absolutely disrespectful! This decision will horribly affect the talented independent artists who were creating content in the site for many years. Shutterstock is already selling our professional work for an hilariously small price! Artists who dedicated their lives for their work in Shutterstock for years should be rewarded, and not getting punched in the face by taking away all of their progress they worked hard for years. The solution "in my opinion" is
  8. Black Wavy Background, Hi Tech Pattern, Vector Illustration
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