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  1. On Shutterstock's Facebook many contributors started commenting on new posts saying "Pay your contributors fairly!" Shutterstock removed all those comments as well. Plus, I cannot comment the at all anymore. lol
  2. Morning Wilm, I hope you are well! I just checked and all images are gone now. Still, this is not a good feeling. They where clearly for sale. Shutterstock was very clear to me that when I delete my account there will be no payout to me if I haven't reached the $35 yet. That means aby of my images that was sole yesterday Shutterstock keeps 100% of the money. That is steeling! Yesterday I sent them an email asking about what is going on. No response, but at least my images are gone now.
  3. My images still for sale after account was deleted! So i finally had my account deleted today. My login is gone, with no access to my contributor page. Everything should be good now, but then I noticed that my images are still on Shutterstock. OK, I have seen this before, but nobody could download the images when trying to purchase them. This time is different. People are able to purchase my images and I do not even have any access anymore? That is criminal! Any thoughts?
  4. Great way! I don't want to give Shutterstock not even one sale for 10, 12, or 14 cents. It is a disgrace.
  5. Lol, that is so sad. I'm working now on getting my account deleted, but Shutterstock does not really response. Only worthless standard-answers...
  6. Did anyone ask to have their account deleted? How did it go? I have ask, but did not receive any response so far.
  7. Tom, you should upload a screen shot of you latest work on the Adobe Page! Classic!
  8. Shutterstock is loosing on new content! Finally a strong indicator which direction Shutterstock is going. Only 578,126 new images were added last week. A few days ago it was still 890,000. That is over 300,000 images less within only one week.
  9. You could always send Shutterstock the link where to see you latest work.
  10. Yeah, I understand and would be excited too. Right now I'm waiting for Shutterstock to confirm my deactivation. No word yet.
  11. I had the same trouble that Shutterstock avoided giving me the answer. I had to ask 4-5 times. I finally got that you want to sent an email requesting to deactivate your account. I have been told that this will trigger the payout without reaching the $35. After the payout you can request to delete your account. If you request to delete your account before this you will not get the money. I think this is illegal, but this is the answer I eventually got from Shutterstock. Hope that helps.
  12. I don't think that this is making up for all the 10 cent sales.
  13. So I ask Shutterstock at least 4 times about if I get my current money (did not reach $35) if I delete my account. I keep getting the answer that I can opt out or deactivate, but Shutterstock is simply not answering my question. So I just ask again and wrote "Contributor Id: 1131374Do I get the current amount paid out (did not reach $35yet) if I delete my account? I'm not talking about opting out or deactivating. My questions is specifically for deleting the account." It could not be more clear. I got from the same guy the exact same answer (see below. Seems like they really do not want to answer this question. Aren't they legally required to answer since we have a user agreement? . Here the response. We think this should answer your question. If you still need help, let us know and we'll connect you with an expert.
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