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  1. So I ask Shutterstock at least 4 times about if I get my current money (did not reach $35) if I delete my account. I keep getting the answer that I can opt out or deactivate, but Shutterstock is simply not answering my question. So I just ask again and wrote "Contributor Id: 1131374Do I get the current amount paid out (did not reach $35yet) if I delete my account? I'm not talking about opting out or deactivating. My questions is specifically for deleting the account." It could not be more clear. I got from the same guy the exact same answer (see below. Seems like they really do not want to answer this question. Aren't they legally required to answer since we have a user agreement? . Here the response. We think this should answer your question. If you still need help, let us know and we'll connect you with an expert.
  2. Adobe is now the best by far. They treat their contributors fair and sales are going up.
  3. Interesting link about Shitterstock rating https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.shutterstock.com?fbclid=IwAR0I1EqmXnuvjXfkkRUCXCiCn7WX6V8l3jHTiZouveNphxz7w1CLUBPNHZ4
  4. Sorry Rocky, maybe I should have been more clear. I'm not claiming that Shutterstock is doing those things. I'm saying that there seem to be discrepancies where questions should be ask. I'm currently not selling on Shutterstock. It is disabled at the moment. (Try to buy an image and you will see) However, I turn it back on from time to time to see if the pricing has changed. Shutterstock can steer which product they want to push.. To you last question, we simply do not know, but we have to watch if there are other discrepancies. Which brings us back to the point, that if there is something is not adding up with sales made from portfolios disabled weeks ago, what else is wrong?
  5. Delayed by 2 weeks? That is not how it works unfortunately.
  6. So, how do you even know that Shutterstock is not selling your images without any pay to you? If Shutterstock cheats here, they are not trust worthy in general. This is a serious concern!
  7. Get used to it. Most likely this will get worst. Once clients notice the new level of quality content, not having the latest images, and so on..., the clients will shift to purchase from other platforms. It has already started and will be a slow but continuing trend. If Shutterstock does not reverse they will quickly slip to a none important platform. Also, if Shutterstock wants to reverse course they need to hurry up. The damage has been already great for them.
  8. StockWithMe. I can see your frustration with this situation as whole, but no need to talk like this.. Based on what I see in Greg's portfolio, he has not too many images in there. That is telling me he is in the beginning stage. This is a very great start. The images look probably better than what I had on my beginning. So Greg, keep up the great work! I would only suggest to offer your images to agencies that respect their contributors and treat them right. Upload your work to platforms like Adobe where they pay a fair price. I gave Shutterstock not even 1 new upload since the new pay structure.
  9. Great! Then I can finally get my last pennies paid out.
  10. Greg, thanks for sharing. You have some very nice images up there.
  11. Thanks for your message. You make some good points. My prediction long-term for Shutterstock is a short term profit followed by a long-term decline. You can already see the quality of new uploaded content is in majority low quality. And as you already mentioned, Shutterstock most likely will have to merge to survive. Getty would be my best bet and with his new price structure, they are equally poor. Adobe will clearly take over. I really don't understand why Shutterstock would surrender their Top Position only to become a low quality supplier.... Oringer obviously knew that this is the wrong decision. Her left as CEO and sold his Shutterstock stocks. So, what is this behavior telling you? He has very little faith into Shutterstock's future!
  12. Yeah, not sure what was going on there. Did you see how the former CEO John Oringer talks to people?
  13. Her an interesting article for everyone to read. Have fun. https://www.microstockposts.com/contributors-remove-millions-of-images-from-shutterstock-and-jon-oringer-bursts-out/?fbclid=IwAR3QG6WJt9y0yV4vRqL1Ng2e2JUOljqzA2qKINYa5pr1TF2mwqYfS4NV0SA
  14. As far I know it is until July 3rd. However, this is simply "censorship" Shutterstock is sinking lower and lower. Every single work Wilm wrote was professional, informative, and most important, it was right on target. It is discussing how Shutterstock treats the people who brought them here! And, don't forget, they are nothing without our content! We will look at the data in half a year and I don't think that Shutterstock will be still the number 1 as it used to be. Why I think this? You cannot cut pay by over 60 %, down to a 10 cent per image and then ask you contributors to shot specific content. Creating the content has expenses like the equipment, travel, time, models, power bill, and so on. With Shutterstock's new strategy, it pays only if a contributor has zero expense. This is only achievable with low quality gear and shooting what may across on the way to buy groceries. The trend will be that professionals will continue not to upload fresh content and move away from Shutterstock to other platforms. Shutterstock will have to live of old content and a lot of amateur images. Long-term clients will recognize the new quality of Shutterstock. Hours of searching through low quality images to find what they need. Clients will leave Shutterstock as well. ANd don't worry, the "Boycott Shutterstock" is in full swing! There is an awareness campaign to let clients know about Shutterstock Greed. That won't end well.
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