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    Cabin and Tree

    Documenting digital adjustments to Cabin and Tree image by Keith Hayes
  2. kaH

    Cabin and Tree

    Ah. I see what you're talking about. I applied a warming filter with a linear gradient mask. The weird coloring actually extends from the center of the tree out to the edge of the frame (consistent with the mask). It's less noticeable toward the edge of the frame because I also have a little vignetting. The warming filter was meant to make the grass look a little more realistic (I bumped up the saturation slightly). I think I'll remove the warming filter and just adjust the hue a little. Thanks!
  3. kaH

    Cabin and Tree

    A small cabin next to a large tree

    © (C) Keith Hayes

  4. kaH

    honey bee

    Personally, I'd try again. I'm guessing you used flash for this (not sure if it's onboard of off). If so, I'd increase the shutter speed by a stop and use a smaller aperture (also by a stop...maybe more). I agree with the critique on your last similar image; the flowers were over exposed and remain over exposed in this image (though less so, compare to the previous image). They're bright white with no detail. Compositionally, it doesn't seem well balanced. All the "weight" is on the right side. What's the purpose of all the space on the left side? I feel like cropping could help. Cut the flower below the wasp (or whatever it is) in half, and center the wasp. It seems like the insect is compositionally strong enough to hold the center. His stinger (or butt, or whatever) is the area of highest contrast, which initially attracts the eye. You can follow that around to his eye, at which point you're drawn to look at what he's looking at, which is the flower. You follow the flower out of the frame. The space to the left doesn't contribute to any of that. Of course, this is just my personal taste. People who make far more money at this than I do may have a different take. Hope it helps!
  5. The original .jpg was a little over 21mb; I reduced it to 8mb. Should I go smaller?
  6. I tried... Didn't work. Thanks, though. There's an option to start a new album. Am I supposed to do that?
  7. How long did it take to reach that amount? I've been contributing to the site for almost a year, have 33 active images, and have made just under $4. I'm getting a little discouraged... Thanks!
  8. I keep getting the "An error occurred during upload" error message when I try to upload images to the critique forum. I can upload images for review with no problem, but cannot upload to the critique forum. How do I fix this?
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