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  1. Are u f... serious ???????? 0,26 $ for a video??????? when i had 25 per video in the past???????????
  2. I don`t know what kind of new technology u implemented, but my selling are disappeared drasticly. Pls do something or get back to the old technology.
  3. Yeah ... i dont have to many pictures, but i had some sales. But now, my sels went from few to almost nothing :-(
  4. Exactly the same problem here. On the map 2 downloads from two different locations. Only one in earnings
  5. So simply put, who earned so far less than the higher tiers, will earn more less than till now. You cutting down the earnings!!! Well done . Any more good news for 2016? Its not enough, that government leaching the poor people out from the last cent they have, now your doing it too. That sucks. Why don't you do something nice instead, and promote the contributors who has less or none earnings? To help others, not to destroy, that should be your guide line.
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