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  1. hello guys i just curious. do shutterstock have a plan that is more expensive than enhanced? because sometimes i got more than $32 (currently i'm in the level 4 bracket, which mean i got 30% from costumer pay). because as far as i know, shutterstock highest price is $99 for enhanced license. please correct me if i'm wrong. i'm very gratefull with this earning, but i just want to know how this is work. 😁 thank you
  2. at first i really hate this, because now i only got 0.17 from subscriber download. but i don't know why, in the last two month i got bigger earning than usual, especially last month. i got the highest earning in all times. does it mean i got lower earning from subsriber download, but bigger earning in regular download?
  3. right now i'm trying to do in that way, before i create an image, first i try searching what the most popular. and i think it's work, but i need to produce a lot moreee... . thank you for your advise oh wowww... i'm speechless... i even can't image how to retouch image in negative slide. you are just awesome...
  4. wowwww awesome... you retouching in film slide? coooolll... noted... thank you...
  5. thank you for your sharing, really appreciate it. this time i'm working in a commercial photography industries, but not as a photographer. i'm working as digital imaging / retouching artist and i think from that experience, it could help me a lot to try in this industries (microstock). and from your sharing if i could take a conclusion. if i want to make a good sell, better i have small ports that do extremely well, rather than a large ports that don't do very well, and will be much better have a large ports that do extremely well hahaha... again... thank you so much for your sharing, i
  6. yes i understand it. but i'm still curious, because i see that factories like Syda Productions, it's still producing images, in my mind if they still producing image every day, it's mean they run their business very well. just my 2cent , which mean they can pay the model, studio, makeup artist, location, crew, retouching artist, producer... and that's was what i want... to have a team to produce stock image, and i can pay them from the selling on stock image . and now i understand to 1000 download a day for 1 image is to much... but is it possible if i have thousand of image like the fact
  7. yes... i see that. but, is it worth it? i follow it's gallery, and i see that they produce a lot... of picture every month (every day maybe). it's the money for hire a model, studio, location will pay back? and how many days? or month it takes to return the investment?
  8. ok thanks for the suggest, right now i'm focusing on create a food photograph. because i can do it on my home, and i can make it by my self. yesterday i thinking to hire a food stylist, but it's require a lot of money to hire them . and... yes i worry that the money wouldn't back . sooo... like your suggest, i think i will do with with lowest cost i can do. thank you so much...
  9. ahhh i see.... so you think it's not worth it to paying huge money to invest in micro stock these days? i'm courious, i see that people like in this gallery : http://www.shutterstock.com/portfolio/search.mhtml?gallery_id=64260&page=1&gallery_landing=1&id=64260&rid=64260i see that they pay model for that image. is it they have a good payment from download? any info how much download is the best per day? for these days?
  10. hello, my name fierman. i’m new in micro stock industries, but I really interested to be serious in this industries. I know and understand that the payout for every image is small but if a lot of people download it (thousands download maybe?), i think it's very good… . yesterday I read from some of article that some image could reach 1000 download per day? is true? but I understand to make a good picture its need huge money. to hire model, rent studio or location, make up artist and to wardrobe. and my question is, is it worth it to invest huge money to make a serious photoshoot for
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