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  1. Just thought I would let you know, you can now try final cut pro x for 90 days free trial. https://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/trial/
  2. I find that Noiseless CK by Macphun which was a Mac only program but is now Skylum works the best for me. Might even have a PC version now.
  3. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/fireplace-mantle-decorated-christmas-clock-center-1252799107
  4. The reviewers usually just send one rejection reason at a time. If they come across the title being wrong, they stop at that point and reject it for that reason. It may still be out of focus but they just stopped at the first thing they looked at. When you resubmit with a different title and that passes, then they go to the next part....looking at the photo itself. If it is out of focus or whatever reason they will send you another rejection with that rejection notice.
  5. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/australian-style-hat-made-rabbit-fur-1527778349?src=-1-1
  6. Nope....I just was up for an upgrade without any additional cost, so I went ahead and did it. I use the Sony A6300 and the original Cannon 5D most of the time, but I do like to have the phone camera available for quick shots. BTW, like the red sunflower.
  7. @Grossinger I for one figured if anyone could get to the number you set as a goal, it would be you. You have done a fantastic job. 8000+ images is nothing to sneeze at and you did good. Now, just wondering if you had a chance to get any photos with the Iphone11. I used the iphone 8plus until today. I traded up to the 11 and hope it will perform as well as the 8plus did. Fingers crossed.
  8. I feel like this is the last day of the month. If isn't in the basket by now, the rest of the month is shot.
  9. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/australian-style-hat-made-rabbit-fur-1527778349?src=c1f5e2af-8b81-453d-b529-540c62602f45-1-27
  10. I don't know what happened the last few days or so, but I have noticed that the forum is now worth reading. I can sit back and relax and not worry about listening to one or two individuals going at each other's throat. Hopefully it will stay that way. Debate is fine, but just plain rude comments are worthless.
  11. Why would they need to? Is it going to make you or me feel better? I just like the fact that they get reviewed faster and not take 5 days.
  12. It doesn't really matter to me how the review process goes (with human and AI reviewers). I like the fact that they are done faster than ever and since I don't upload 100's at a time I get very few rejects. It gives them a chance of being seen faster.
  13. Just click your ruby slippers 3 times and repeat ...... "exciting new features, exciting new features, exciting new features"
  14. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/charlestonscusafebruary-262018-wind-surfer-getting-ready-1037589421
  15. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/wild-female-racoon-sneaking-cat-food-1158482644
  16. I can't believe this never ending, childish and just pure spiteful behaviour of some people on here. Is this how your parents taught you act? Think about it, supposedly grown adults telling others that if they don't like something they hear....."I'm gonna tell my daddy on YOU". For those that don't get the jist, Daddy = Admins. Sorry Keya, for some to get on your post when asking for help and the most you get out of this is that certain individuals have to act like children. I am aware that some people will just not like other people for whatever reason, but it doesn't help by always stirring the pot. No one can make you like someone else.....learn to live with it or all I can say is that you will become the same miserable person that you dislike so much.
  17. Editorial videos do sell. I just recently sold my first video and it was an editorial.
  18. October was 2nd BME and already Nov is already BME, thanks to a video sale. Fingers crossed that it will do better for all of us.
  19. Had a small milestone...sold my first video clip. Makes me want to do more and let me just say, you never know what people want. To me, it was the worst of the lot but I'm not complaining.
  20. I don't see Forum Mihai as boasting. I see his comment as there might be a light at the end of the Gloom and Doom tunnel.
  21. Now he will have a story to tell at work, but I figure this is what he will say he saw..Hahaha
  22. Better than last month but could be better.
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