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  1. That was one of the most STUPID things I have heard. But, that is Shutterstock for you.
  2. I use On1 for focus stacking and for the pano's. Free 14 day trial with no restrictions to see if you like it. Just a thought.
  3. Wow, young lady. Those are a little creepy. Reminds me of the Ghost Hunters episode on the Island of Dolls in Mexico. Might have to take a sleeping pill tonight. 😁
  4. I went ahead and bought one. I'm like your husband, I love it. I still have my DSLR's but they are now gathering dust on the shelf. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I was just curious if any has used or is using the Sony RX 10lV. If so, what do like about it and what you don't like.
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