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  1. 3 hours ago, Whiteaster said:

    I like your portfolio, these are good images. It takes time till sales start coming in and you need more photos.

    Alexandre is right, some of your photos don't have to be editorial, when you are in doubt  try to submit them as commercial and if they are rejected, you still can submit later as editorial.



    Thank you very much. You are right, I submitted many pics as editorial as I thought that travel photos are to be submitted mostly as editorial only. Also I thought all photos had same commission of $0.25 as photos with Model Release also sold at same price. I think I will have to read guidelines properly to understand Microstock pricing and licenses.

  2. 7 hours ago, martin bowra said:

    Hmnn some of your photos seem to me a little underexposed. Also you have cropped to tight. A few nice photos mostly average. Try concentrating on composition more and the time of day you shoot for the best light. Don't oversaturate colors. Your competition is huge. But keep going.

    Thank you very much. Your valuable feedback will help me improve.

  3. 5 hours ago, Alexandre Rotenberg said:

    At first glance they look interesting.

    I noticed that you have a quite impressive landscape of the Himalayas and submitted as editorial. There's nobody in the scene and no logos so this would be a commercial no-brainer. Also, the monkey drinking the coke...you can quite easily clone out the trademark and submit as commercial, if you wish. 

    Good start, I like your style. 


    Thank you for sir for your valuable feedback. I will try to build up my portfolio based on your suggestions.

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