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  1. Good luck with that. I had a similar case 2 or 3 year ago (with an image, not a video) and after a few months sending emails to Shutterstock compliance address, I had to settle it directly with the client that used my image. Hope things work better now.
  2. He may be a talented professional and a successful business man, but it's becoming evident to anyone that he is showing arrogance, greed, and lack of consideration for the contributors that he should see as partners. Therefore he lost my respect.
  3. it's normal. If you enable again, they will start showing slowly.
  4. Very fair to contributors, but I had only one sale in 2 years. I stopped uploading there one year ago. They don't have a minimum payout amount. I requested the only sale comission and received it (about 2€).
  5. It's too much disrespectful and offensive. I'm out!
  6. Thanks, I have checked both. I believe no restrictions apply to my images and no property release should be required.
  7. Really? A whole batch of images rejected for missing a property release for a public historic monument? The requirements for property release don't include this type of property as far as I understand (as well as all other stock agencies which accepted the images). Need for some criteria calibration...
  8. I am pretty sure that's not the case They only bought one licence and printed and sold maybe hundreds of wall canvas.
  9. Thanks for your answers, but I see some contradition... If they print hundreds of wall posters of my image and they put a frame in them, then its legal?
  10. I had no concrete answer from support. After several months and several e-mails to Shutterstock support, the only reply I had multiple times from support was to not contact directly with the customer because shutterstock would do it. All the times I had the same answer - We are in contact with the customer, please do not contact the customer - since July!!! So I gave up... What I really would like to know is simple: does the use of the image as I mentioned require more than an extended licence? (I also did't get this answer from Shutterstock support after asking at least twice). Can anyone clarify my doubt, please?
  11. I have found one of my shutterstock images being sold as a 140cm x 100cm (55.1 x 39.4 inches) wall canvas. This canvas is sold by an international store in several countries and in their web store. I have only sold simple and extended licences of this image. My interpretation of the extended licence agreement is that it does not cover this use (wall art for resale). I think that this should require a special licence. am I right? Thanks in advance for your opinions.
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