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  1. AlessandraRC

    Rejected Images

    I did not know they still rejected images.
  2. AlessandraRC

    Timing for uploading

    Thanks for you all's input. It seems like everybody a little confused. I concur with Laurin, it's not so easy to sell a new picture here. Most of my uploads are of 20 images more or less, and I am lucky if one sells right the way. I am also often amazed how a 2-year old image no one ever downloaded suddenly becomes relevant and starts selling- out of nothing- just when I thought it had been buried to never be seen again.
  3. AlessandraRC

    Leaving Shutterstock

    Very people here have figured it out. I myself have gone through phases like that, wanting to quit. Every few moths or so I think, this is not worth it. But then I have already invested so much in this, can't bring myself to quit. I would not advise anyone to actually keep doing this it's you call. But you need way more images there to conclude that you are not cut for this.
  4. AlessandraRC

    Timing for uploading

    I know this has been discussed here before but after almost three years I am still confused about when to upload certain images. For example, this year I tried to upload Christmas Images around July/August rather than three months before the event and they did not seem to sell any better than images I had uploaded two years before just before/during Christmas season. I do not mind holding the images from this year to the next but still when is it the best time to release them. I am assuming those who have figured it out will be willing to share that information although I will also understand if they don't. It is also possible that with SS's continuous changes in the search algorithm this question is irrelevant at least for this site.
  5. AlessandraRC

    "Blue Hour"

  6. your title descirpitons and key wording skills really suck. Need to work on that.
  7. AlessandraRC

    Contibuters often exaggerate color

    I had made no assumptions about you personally, the volume or values of your sales .
  8. AlessandraRC

    News and stock agencies

    Same thing sold a Christmas event portrait in July. Never on news feed.
  9. AlessandraRC

    Contibuters often exaggerate color

    Now one last word about it, we don't get very far around here discussing what others do. In the 5 min or so we concern ourselves with other's work we could be keyboarding an image for those .25 c.
  10. AlessandraRC

    November very low earnings so far

    It's BAD. I'm glad I submit to other places as well.
  11. AlessandraRC

    Contibuters often exaggerate color

    There used to be a time in SS when the image below would not have been accepted .... they used to be very strict about WB. It's different now.
  12. AlessandraRC

    Contibuters often exaggerate color

    I like the attitude, particularly if your daily bread depends on it. I would color the sky green if I had to.
  13. AlessandraRC

    The generic milestone thread...

    A little over 2,000 images why does it feel like it's nothing?
  14. AlessandraRC

    This is insane.

    I'm pleasantly surprised to read that they still reject images here.
  15. AlessandraRC

    Contibuters often exaggerate color

    This is stock. You are here TO SELL. There are other places where you can have a portfolio that is consistent with your photography statement and mission. Here is a place to grab the attention of potential customers. You don't want the next person to get those .25 c do you?