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  1. AlessandraRC

    Come back ....... Barry come back. ....

    sometimes they do. If I don't post here for months nobody notices
  2. AlessandraRC

    Should I go ahead with it or not?

    Only you can answer that question. You can stay and learn or you can leave. It depends on what you want to accomplish.
  3. AlessandraRC

    5K images, finally !

    that's a lot of images. Congratulations!
  4. AlessandraRC

    My experience as a beginner contributor.

    that's right, today when a rejection comes the rejection reason seems often inaccurate. Not to talk about the model releases that reviewers often find a problem with whereas other agencies will take the same signed releases with no problems.
  5. AlessandraRC

    My experience as a beginner contributor.

    Nice post. When I look back on my portfolio I see that very few initial images of mine - my very first let's say 100 pictures - do not sell very much. Some never did. Some were good, but of little commercial appeal. But again, it helped me a lot to have tons of rejections and relatively accurate rejection reasons. Do not be so hard on the flowers. A good flower photograph or plant correctly labeled with the species name might even earn you an EL. But I must say I am disappointed I was not on this list ;-) https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/botanical-photography-tips
  6. AlessandraRC

    no sales why?

    I do recall some few years ago even professional photographers would turn to the forum for advice since they had a hard time figuring out how to shoot for stock and had their images rejected. It was very tough on those times to get something approved, I used to have a very low approval rate initially. I miss those times. It's hard to be your own critics 100% of the time.
  7. AlessandraRC

    New Freedom

    It could be interpreted that way I guess, the new freedom thing. And I wonder why the tamales without the copy space got the EL and not the tamales with space for copy. In the past only the one with copy space would have been accepted. But I liked it better before when judges were more stringent. I learned more that way.
  8. AlessandraRC

    no sales why?

    Its not your fault. When I started out two years ago or so many of these photos would have been rejected and you would have had the chance to learn. Now you have to learn on your own and it's tough.
  9. AlessandraRC

    The generic milestone thread...

    2,000 images the other day. Then four days in a row without sales ;-)
  10. AlessandraRC

    Model release Issues

    It's bad. I use their model release always. Type everything no hand writing. Sign. The model is usually myself. Rejected. Rejected. Rejected for model release. I post to other sites too, never got a rejection for a model release elsewhere. go figure.
  11. AlessandraRC

    2,000 images

    aren't we all ;-)
  12. AlessandraRC

    2,000 images

  13. AlessandraRC

    2,000 images

    LOL. Marinas don't seem to sell very well ;-) one would be more than enough
  14. AlessandraRC

    New member using iphone for camera

    always a good advice, don' too what others can easily do..
  15. AlessandraRC

    Shooting with tripod / security guards

    Alexandre, but you do shoot for comercial purposes, right? Not too long ago I visited this place in PetrĂ³polis called "vale do amor", sister and I were shooting when owner came, saw my massive gear, didn't say anything. But since it's their rules that you need a special license to sell, I kept my pictures in my hard drive ;-) except for single flowers and other stuff that cannot be recognized where from.