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  1. AlessandraRC

    How long does stock take you?

    It takes less time with experience. For example I have a number of metadata files for keyboarding common subjects so I only change a few keywords and description details. Also it helps to have different photos in a photo shoot that are similar enough to take similar keywords. For example you can shoot the ingredients for making a smoothie separately, then together from two or three angles, then the smoothie from three different angles. This takes very little time and you can take advantage of your keywords. Same if you do landscape. An overall view, zooming in, a detail of a creek or waterfall or something. Boom. The secret is, don't waste time.
  2. AlessandraRC

    Milestone 14,000

  3. AlessandraRC

    Why downloads low suddenly in two months

    very bad this month indeed.
  4. AlessandraRC

    11 downloads in two years.

    try not to make the background the main story. If you are trying to sell the idea that nuts are good for you and chose a photo of nuts inside a spoon in the center of a table, do you really want the background to be 4 colors calling much more attention to itself than the nuts?
  5. AlessandraRC

    Reasonable income?

    Not sure what this means. PLS elaborate.
  6. AlessandraRC

    Give me some suggestions about portfolio

    In the descriptions describe what you are seeing. "A pair of blue and red flip-flops on the sand of a beach in Pescoluse Puglia, Italy, on a partly cloudy day, featuring blue sky and turquoise ocean with lots of copy-space." may be more descriptive of this scene than what you have written there Don't expect travel pictures to sell a lot (lots of downloads) but those that sell do sell consistently over the course of a year.
  7. AlessandraRC

    Has Shutterstock cheated us?

    someone stole your photo then sold it? There have been entire ports in ss with only others images.
  8. AlessandraRC

    The Time Has Come to Go

    we all know you ain't going nowhere I'm tired of these good byes from you.
  9. AlessandraRC

    Travel photography portfolio

    Thanks, I like it too. This one sells well. But with the Golden Gate it's hit or miss when you get there. Either you get amazing fog or amazingly bad light that reflects from the ocean.
  10. Improve on your descriptions and keywords 2-fold.
  11. AlessandraRC

    Travel photography portfolio

    My "travel photography" sells consistently but slowly - most shots around where I live or where I come from and go visit once a year - underrated places by all measures but interest does exist. I did not think I could sell the Golden Gate Bridge but I did. However, my best advice about travel photography, look for underrated and off the beaten path places. At least people will find your pictures when they look for them.
  12. AlessandraRC

    How was everyone's April?

    An image is worth 1,000 words
  13. AlessandraRC

    How to get promoted in weekly free image?

    I don't mind they give my images for free as long as I get paid.
  14. AlessandraRC

    Yeah! :-)

    you go!