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  1. People don't delete your ports, disable. Maybe if they change their minds, you don't want to go through the trouble again, uh?
  2. I need to know, if i disable my portfolio following the link given, can I enable it again anytime without further work needed? I put in a lot of hours on this and don't want to give it for free, but if they change their minds I don't want to have to do any additional work even for the 35 cents I was getting.
  3. I just got a single and other for .13c. Time to stop contributing.
  4. yes the model release is a bummer I just accept that my photographs with models usually do not get accepted here but they get accepted elsewhere.
  5. a friend who taught me about everything I know in photography... a great photographer who will probably die and no one will ever hear bout him ...
  6. Linda I did not know that shutterstock had an easy release app. Will look for it. Thanks for your input. They DID answer me. One date was not "very legible". I fixed that and submitted it again. It was rejected AGAIN. The person I was talking to on the other end said that now it was rejected because I had abbreviated my middle name in the photographers section and that there is no such middle name in my contributors' pay to account. This is absolutely ridiculous and I am so fed up with shutterstock that I am considering not submitting anything that needs a release anymore. I do NOT get paid enough here to put up with this coming back and forth about nothing and all the other sites are less particular about minucias in these forms. I cannot possibly believe that all the other sites I contribute to are on the wrong side taking crappy releases. So the conclusion is that your name on the PAY TO account has not match EXACTLY the photographers's name on the form. Go figure.
  7. thanks. You guys do more for free than ss does for my comission. A.
  8. I have been a contributor for four years and I have successfully filled my share of model releases. Recently I submitted a model release with MYSELF as a model and three times it was rejected. I have reached out to Shutterstock and all I get is robots responding to my queries. I DEFINITELY FEEL UNAPPRECIATED AS A CONTRIBUTOR. This time is the first time in four years that I need someone there to look at my model release and tell me what the hell is wrong. First time in four years and I get is automatic replies from robots. I am really fed up. A.
  9. Hi, twice today I uploaded two videos via ftp and they are not on my queue. Images uploaded OK and were submitted, but the videos have vanished. Any ideas about what is happening here? A.
  10. On the bright side it also doesn't cost anything. Uploading pays off just marginally better.
  11. For a long time ss has accepted anything and it has failed miserably training the newbies that came on board when they opened their legs to any image. Now people have come to think that their pictures are acceptable they start getting rejections.
  12. I had two images rejected because the description did not reflect the picture. Well, rocks on the beach, long exposure, partly cloudy day, I am not sure what I was missing.
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