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  1. Don't shoot flowers unless...

    very nice
  2. Don't shoot flowers unless...

    My best sales (EL, S and Os have been flowers). It doesn't happen often but it does. No roses though.
  3. Your advices are needed.

    too many red hearts. You have some nice concept images that are well done, can you add some more? Like the personal desktop in hand. Your landscapes, however, cityscapes to be more precise, lack contrast. Some are very flat, uninteresting. In commercial use, a photo needs to make you want to go there. Try to work on your post-processing techniques. No white skies pls. A.
  4. It never ends...

    its weird that our most faithful companions often don't come from our own species. I bet this one would never file for divorce. Good grief. I hope things improve for you soon.
  5. Happy e-mail

    A good thing always comes with a bad thing ;-)
  6. Happy e-mail

    I must not be a very good player since it has taken me sooo long but I am happy about this. Yes you all are going to tell me I ain't going to sell as many now because of the algorithm. Life is always fair "Congratulations! You have reached $500 or more in all time Shutterstock earnings and your Standard License payout rate has been increased to $0.33000 per download.Best Regards,Shutterstock"
  7. Another one Bites the Dust

    Not sure this is the place for this discussion folks. This is the ShutterStock forum.
  8. Do we really need 25 emails

    No. I hit the delete button.
  9. To make a long story short I used Photoshop Elements for a few years and in that software noise reduction yielded best results as a last thing. Now I use Photoshop cs6 and best results are achieved when processing from raw. You need to find your optimal based on a number of variables. But Laurin has a point try to get it right on camera.
  10. My 3 cents

    stop uploading is a reasonable alternative to working nearly for free which I have often considered. I respect that. Deleting the portfolio only means that you now will make 0.00 for your hard work how dignifying is that? A.
  11. Good winter/snow photos?

    try also to think of conceptual stuff to do the snow. I'm far from it so it's not worth for me to drive 2 hours for this sh@t but like put some money in snow- one's salary has been congealed; footprints of different sizes to indicate a child and a parent; footprints disappearing indicating someone has vanished, stuff like that. I don't always do but always try to think concepts. p.s. carry grey card for white balance; if possible overexpose a little so snow will be white (look up the highlight indicators in your camera to make sure you are not getting highlights. Snow pictures can stand a little high key look research on how to obtain that.

    its a cool idea may be I'm looking too solid need another avatar?
  13. We are all sort of wasting our times anyway. Some more than others.