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  1. Someone can help me in this matter, what needs to be done so that this inscription disappears, and already wrote to the support service!
  2. I bought a video yesterday $ 3.91. And in a month already 12.62
  3. Good day to everyone who loads on photochain.io?
  4. Today I also saw a message, You have reached your account's submission limit. Please wait 24 hours to submit more content. And so far this message is leaving!
  5. Guys, but no one tried to write to the board of directors, and to the authorities and from the CEO?
  6. I downloaded it, sent this forum, but it still does not disappear!
  7. Welcome To The Machine Welcome to the machine What did you dream? It's all right, We told you what to dream.
  8. Let's be more active, if not who we are!
  9. Everyone signed the petition, that there are very few signatures! https://www.change.org/p/shu-object-to-the-decline-in-shutterstock-s-contributor-earnings 2,258 signatures still needed!
  10. But this is all true, or nothing! It is very difficult to influence shutterstock politics, but I think this is a temporary measure!
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