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  1. Footage ftp upload fail

    I do not know why footage is not uploaded, it gives an error failed.
  2. ftp upload

    Something we have with the delay with the verification of the Footage !
  3. Refreshed Earnings Pages Coming Soon

    Good afternoon, I have a question, how to raise new photos and thereby raise them up and raise sales!
  4. Coming Soon! Our New Content Editor

    Why did the second category disappear? And more speed in the ftp speed up!
  5. The Map is back.

    Why sometimes the card does not show where they bought this photo job?
  6. 597eb16c8ba64_IMG_029312.jpg

    Prefect !
  7. Uploading Issues - Resolved

    Many thanks for the prompt help! Now everything works!
  8. Introducing the New Contributor Dashboard

    Sales in June went on vacation, I had the best May!
  9. The Map is back.

    I have a question how to calculate, my sales, through Google rarely gets to find the photos that I bought.
  10. My footage

    All good afternoon, about this problem I was asked to twitter from apply Hello Alexey. At the moment we only provide Customer support via social media. For contributor related questions, please reach out to
  11. Show your newest image
  12. Introducing the New Contributor Dashboard

    When we test things will improve.
  13. Refreshed Earnings Pages Coming Soon

    Good afternoon, it is not clear from the inspection and sales, this has not happened, on whether the delay is long.
  14. SHOW your latest download
  15. Month earnings is gone?

    Yes, Soo funny And I showed $ 80, and so really want that bought the video.