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  1. alexeyart

    It’s back - Option to add a second category

    Hello, why has the work inspection speed been so weak lately?
  2. alexeyart


    October starts weakly! Although I had big purchases of singles and videos in September!
  3. alexeyart

    Anyone still doing film?

    Great site, great!
  4. alexeyart

    Earnings is still in my account after a week

    But there is no limit to perfection! The main thing is moving forward!
  5. alexeyart


    Customer support, does not react at all, already in hibernation have left, when all will be adjusted already a week this webbing lasts!?!
  6. alexeyart

    FTP (FileZilla) UPLOAD Error

    I now uploaded the footage, still hang!
  7. alexeyart

    I don't see my video portfolio

    Downloading the FTP is just some kind of horror! Uploaded for more than a day, the lap does not go any further!
  8. alexeyart

    Site Issues Related to Cut Fiber Line

    Why is this weak load on ftp?
  9. alexeyart

    The Impossible Sale

    On the account of sales, in July there is a general decline in sales, very little, all on holidays.
  10. For constant income and result, you need to constantly shoot in and video and look for new creative ideas, the main quality and it does not matter what to shoot! For my first income I already made photobooks now I'm already out for $ 600 1000! All creative success!
  11. alexeyart

    First Sale!!!

    Congratulations !
  12. alexeyart

    Submission page - More improvements are on the way

    Today, what are the errors 504, the site loads badly, the server reboot is obvious!
  13. alexeyart

    Submission page - More improvements are on the way

    What is not clear is from the sales table, they are not visible!
  14. alexeyart

    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    What will change and what changes will be made to the Privacy Policy.