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  1. The same problem, but my tax form is ok and approved.
  2. The same problem, but my tax form is ok and approved.
  3. Am I the one who doesn't like a new map? An old one was more informative (and took less space on the screen). Now I need to cursor every point on the map to find out how an image looks and from where it was downloaded, which is not usability-friendly. In an old map it was clear what the latest download was. Right now we have to remember the position of blue points to understand which one was added. Moreover you listed a country of buyer/date/price on the right, making a graphic map completely useless. What is useful information I can get from the map now (blue points by themselves now show nothing but unclear position and useless without hover)? I got all info from the list. All you need is to add a list of keywords showing why an image was sold. Correct me, please, if I'm wrong. Maybe I'm missing something? + something is wrong with the dates of download in the list. 2 images that were downloaded yesterday (earnings summary) are shown in the list with today's date. + why do the points on the map have different size and color?
  4. I wish the customers could see a new / fresh content first. Content is the most important thing. That's why we are all here: contributors and customers. Who buys because of an avatar?
  5. Check this topic😀 - https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/en_US/kbat02/000006575
  6. It's not the artboard but the size of your illustration has to be about 2100x2100px. 2100x2100 = about 4MP. I did resize of new illustrations yesterday and now it's alright with upload. A little trick is to use white square of 2100x2100px as a background if you need your illustration to be positioned in center and have the smaller size. Don't forget to make your artboard size fit bounding box then: Object>Artboards>Fit to selected art/Fit to artwork bounds🙃 Good luck!
  7. Hi! Similar images, same model, same artist are not displayed.
  8. Dear SS team, you should fire your usability-expert. Have been working as an usability-expert for more than 12 years and I totally agree with the opinion above - it's crap. I wonder how in the whole world THIS could be running in production?
  9. Working with a group of images using multiply select is total hell! Working with only one image is also a hell! Everything was clear and easily seen in old version. So WHY? I prefer usability to re-design in that case.
  10. I had over 6000 images in my portfolio till today, now almost all of them disappeared, I have only 29 images. What's going on? Does anybody have the same problem? SS team, please, help!
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