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  1. If you have freed from illusions already, welcome to this contributors group on Facebook.
  2. I had deleted account and all my stuff from Depositphotos because turning off these ''partners sales" had no effect on amazing $0.16 on demand sales.
  3. Reading a lot of post in this thread makes me kinda strange feelings. All these "i don't understand what is going on" looks like typical unnecessary excess pathetic scenes from C category movies. Do yous have the same problem with reality perception in whole life?
  4. It's not about Shutterstock database. It's about self esteem.
  5. What a miracle! Some posts mystically dissapears! Just like our income! )))
  6. No, it doesn't. Pond5 has an exclusive for footage producers.
  7. It was more than enough for me, I immediately turned off footage sales.
  8. I just disabled all my footages, and i'm for Jun, 1 strike for all my content.
  9. As far as I remember, Depositphotos lost a significant amount of content and authors' portfolios, but this taught them nothing. On demand for $0,16, refunds for downloaded footages, and so on. When I deleted my portfolio, support proposed me to distribute content for free, to increase exposure. It was funny.
  10. They turned off comments on Instagram. The flow of contributors thanks were too plentiful.
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