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  1. Hello, I just have few footage and only sold one. But if I may say something to The Marble House, having more than 300+ video online on the same topic (marble) is not gonna work, I think. It is too much of the same thing and for other people, having more than 300 clips will work very well. So it is not the quantity that will indicate you how much it will work, but the diversity maybe. Or the topics that are trendy (which I dont know about). Just my 2 cents...
  2. Many thanks Linda :-) That was very clear :-)
  3. I have the same problem... even as Editorial! My pictures of the Louvre museum, (not even the pyramid, but the old main building) has been rejected as Editorial... Completly lost on these property rights...
  4. Hello, Just asking as I could not find the exact definition of what is a public set on the site... Is a public set a free set of pics that is used to advertise the rest of the PF ?
  5. I am living in Paris, downtown :-) And will travel to Buenos Aires pretty soon also, if needed :-)
  6. The Canon 6D is a good bargain: good product, high ISO with no noise. Good price for the quality. Fine enought (and probably even too much) for microstock
  7. Sorry to say that Murat, but your portefolio is composed of flowers pictures and some vectors that look a little bit out fashioned... Not saying that in considerong mine better (I am not seelling more than you in fact and usually July and August are slow), but you should consider taking other pics than flowers maybe...
  8. Maybe just wait a little bit more... sometimes it takes 24 hours to appears. Sometimes less (often less).
  9. July is ... well. Slow :-) I guess as in every microstock, and as last or other years as well ?
  10. beautiful picture !! and Happy for you that you could find a way to deal with that earnings!
  11. Hllo folks! just read few days ago someone who just reached some 1 or 3 k with a portefolio of about 200 pics... and the target was reached in few months. How is that possible ? I wonder how as my PF is about 170 pics, and I barely reach 120$ so far. Of course, I have not had 260 pics since I joined SS (in last september), but still, I wonder what to shoot to increase my earnings. As everyone I guess. I tryed people (my son), products on white background (no sales yet, I don't even know if it usually works or not), landscape or other stuff. I am in Paris so inspiration should not lack, and
  12. sometimes few minutes (or even less than a minute for some of my recent pics) or few days, but rarely fex days I must say. It is very nice to have a very quick answer on that. SS is one of the best for review time.
  13. Many thanks for your tips :-) I will do all of that and check again.
  14. It is not. I can reopen it on AI and it's fine... Don't get it :-(
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