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  1. I sold 2 clips for $00.26 cents...wtf?
  2. Click on your profile avatar top right and then you'll see the option to change them bottom right under licensing.
  3. How many of us have spent thousands of hours and ruined our eyes zoomed in at 200% looking for sensor dust, chromatic aberration and highlight clipping just to pass inspection? What a waste of time.
  4. Full frame camera $5k Lenses $12k Accessories $3k Time/travel/editing $incalculable Payment $00.10 WOW
  5. Getty gets away with it, they'll all eventually follow the best model for THEM. We need to do what's right for us, freeze, delete etc.
  6. You're right, in a few years when the .10 drops to.02 the same thing will happen and people will be crying about wanting their .10 rate back....I won't be contributing anything new but I'll let my old work wither away here. Oh well.
  7. Absolutely, I live in Seattle and frequently handout money to our homeless. I always think "wow I'm giving away more than my work is earning me"...
  8. It took me 6 years to reach my level which is still next to nothing when you consider the thousands in equipment, time and effort we put in. Now it will reset so that we make nothing for most of the year only to reset again? What a slap in the face.
  9. Where do I find 1099? I've been looking for a half hour?? Thank you
  10. SeaRick1


    Nice focus, I would say a little move space above and below, very cute.
  11. Thanks, for the reply. I did contact both PayPal and SS. PayPal actually got me my payouts from November and February by adding the wrong spelling address to my account but say they don't have the Dec/Jan in the system even though they were all sent to the same wrong gmali mistake. I asked for help on SS and a contributer said he would forward it to management. It was a double payout since Dec was under $50 it didn't get sent until Jan and Jan was over 100. Not much but I need it!
  12. I just noticed my payout email was misspelled to @gmali.com instead of gmail.com. I have missed payments since December 2019. Does anyone know how to resolve this and get my payouts from either Shutterstock or PayPal. I tried adding the wrong email to my PayPal but nothing happened. Thanks for any help.
  13. Adding mandatory two factor when changing any settings would be a great start in securing our information.
  14. My sales were down every month compared to 2018...
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