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  1. Thank you Clupeidae! So I uploaded the above image with the property release form, and it was rejected again. I uploaded another illustration along with that one, and it was excepted. It's a city illustration and the houses are equally pieced together. I don't get it. I have a bunch of yoga illustrations that constantly get rejected too, even though older yoga images have already been accepted with the same reference images. It's sad. Shutterstock used to be my main source of income, but those times are over anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter...
  2. Okay, thanks!!! I will try the property release form. I've always just uploaded the sketches, it was never a problem, but I'll try the form. I'll be back with an update, in case someone else is reading this thread 🙂
  3. Hi Ole, thank you! I've attached one vector illustration and one scanned page (there are two more). As you can see in my scan, I didn't fully finish the slide, I pieced it together digitally. Same thing with the two kids on the swing, I re-used parts of the slide to digitally create the swing etc. Is that the problem though? Yes I've tried re-uploading, and for sure I will upload again. I've even added messages explaining my work process. Maybe there's a form I have to use? but then the rejection reason should be: "please use form xyz"
  4. Hello, I've been a Shutterstock contributor for many years now. I create hand drawn vectors. I use an ink pen to draw on paper, then I scan the illustration, vectorize the scan and improve or alter it digitally. I've done this for years, and never had a problem with my scanned reference images. But all of a sudden Shutterstock rejects all my illustrations, and the rejection reason is: "The attached reference image does not resemble the final image." What is going on? Every human being that understands vector art would see that the illustrations have been altered digitally, and it is
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