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  1. Congratulations on this milestone of 3000 images sold. You have some fantastic photos in your portfolio. If you find out what makes a bestseller, then I immediately buy a copy ...
  2. Really great job!! Love it!! I find it more qualified for an art gallery than for a stock agency… You can see it is inspired by David Hockney. Specially the nine video walls he is using in his work "The Four Seasons, Woldgate Wood" (But that is a very slow moving work of art…. Not the fast traffic experience in your time laps) LOL
  3. In spite of everything it is a great picture. Beautifuly photographed...
  4. you can still see the watermark... LOL
  5. Dear D.Pimborough, I don't care if it helps for you or not… or if you want to use it or not. It doesn't interest me a bit… Go help yourself finding a solution till it is solved by SS…
  6. Sound strange, but I have the same problem. I solved it by using another browser. Normally I use Firefox or Safari. Both of didn't work for uploading images. But with Google chrome as a browser I succeeded… Don't know if it works for you, but in my case….yes.
  7. I have some old photo's in my portfolio and to get them accepted you have to sign a property release. In the description field you must explain what is on the image and tell them you are responsible for the intellectual property rights of the image. And you are the sole next of kin.. For me this was enough information to get them accepted… Hope it works for you to...
  8. But if your image is used for print, (magazine, news paper etc.) you can't find it this way...
  9. LOL ... well said Perhaps l-v-s shpuld find him/her self a new hobby... Indeed one of "the most silliest threads ever" as Rinderart already mentiond...
  10. It could also be some phishing mail... Are you sure it is from SS
  11. Love my Mac... Never used anything else since 1995... I've seen people using Windows, but most of them bought a Mac in the end... So good luck and have fun with your PC!
  12. surely this is a joke I think so...
  13. You are real good with food… Like them a lot… It's no wonder they where sold as EL's
  14. RG-vc

    IMG 3839

    Hmmm… interesting, I had not thought about the despair etc. …. Aggression and so on… Perhaps it works…?
  15. RG-vc

    IMG 3839

    Nice property for a real estate agent… ​Why do you think this image is going to sell…?
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