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  1. Agree, they don't know what they were doing. Initially they wrote to me and told me that I am on level 2. I reminded them I am on level 3 and they confirmed I am on level 3. They then paid me 11 cents rather than 10 cents. Yesterday, they stated to pay me 10 cents again.
  2. No joke, you must be in level 2 (10 cents), I am in level 3 (11 cents) I had to remind SS that I am in level 3. Initially I was given level 2 and now they pay me 11 cents for level 3. They still owe me some money for not backdating my previous earnings. They did not apologise and I shall donate my back dated earnings to their nominated charity if they have one.
  3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenbertoni/2020/02/13/shutterstock-founder-and-ceo-jon-oringer-to-step-down-in-april/#278924fa7e8b
  4. Oops! you are right. Maybe change it to birth mark.
  5. Thanks, it looks like SS wants all contributors not to contribute.
  6. Really? Similar content? I must be shortsighted. I'm seeing double vision?
  7. Geogif, he was asking for help and I don't know why you challenged him for asking question? This is a forum for contributor to share our thoughts, is it not? You just shut him off by saying "What has changed? Why did it suddenly become a problem for you? My advice is, attend anger management class as soon as possible.
  8. AI need new glasses when marking. It's time to look for other solution. Wasted to much effort and time.
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