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  1. Syn


    Just to let you know I submitted my 10 and have been accepted into Shutterstock!! Now the real work begins. Cant thank you enough for all your help synthia
  2. Syn


    its a different crowd looking at flicker, rather have real honesty. Yup thats me, thanks for the complement
  3. Syn


    ha ha I didnt even think of that! I live in France so I forget all these words. I need to get better as a photographer so I can submit 20 a week. Right now Im having trouble getting 10!! I thought I would take advantage of living in rural France and post things from my area but now there may not be a big need for a "pigeonnier" or sheep or goats. thanks for keeping it real
  4. Syn


    Thank you they have accepted 6 of my photographs but I need 4 more. I will choose the best focused ones. Its endless the things you can shoot but like you said who will buy it. You have been so helpful really grateful for your time, I have learned a lot. I will take my camera out and think of concepts
  5. Syn


    Sorry I thought I was on critique gallery. Yes focus is an issue I need to buy a tripod that can go on the ground. My current one is too tall. I agree on knowing the names of plants but I just wanted to see if this was even good enough before I spent the time looking up the name. thanks for your help
  6. Syn

    yellow wall

    Thank you so much for your honesty, I'll bin this one
  7. Syn

    box of leather

    its a log, I'll remove it thank you
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