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  1. Hi everyone, I'm having problem with every single image I submit due to model release issue in spite of approved hundreds of images of the same model previuosly ,is there any need to update the model release after a year or so ???? pls answer
  2. Hello, recently I have images not approved cos of model release, the model releases are attached and previously have approved images with same model release Appreciate anyone can help thanks
  3. Hello, I reached my my minimum payment range and didn't receive any mail or zero my balance anyone can tell pls
  4. So do we need to mention the file ref no. In order to be shown in my portfolio cos it says its previously approved and didnt show in my portfolio since a week
  5. whats the problem with SS ,I think their accepting random contributor of accepting 1/10 instead of 7/10 is overwhelming the engine also the reviewers,because the vectors are accepted as usual but the images takes long and in vein Pls SS review this forum and try to fix the issues
  6. Hi vinecent, I have the same issue when I submitted photos and you mentioned its previously accepted and didn't show in my portfolio since a week also I have model release issues the same model release accepted before one day, the second day the rejection is cos of model release and this is for 3 models which been accepted before a day also
  7. Thanks you all and hope u good sales and success friends
  8. Same problem ,and today submitted a photo and didn't get an email of submit,can anyone from SS answer us
  9. Thank you, I also was with DT , with 2000 photos online exclusively working but the selling was to slow sometimes 3 weeks with a couple of sales , the IS was worse than DT 1 year with just 4 sales, then I decided to join SS and FT, I cancelled my exclusivity with DT and now I'm very satisfied ,the only thing I miss is responding to mail, the DT just replies to all emails and inquiries withen 24 hours but here in SS no chance to get answered
  10. Hi, I made 20sales in less than 3 weeks , its very good feeling especially I made that sales in months with other agency with thousands of images and illustrations Thank SS
  11. Hi, can I submitt both jpeg and vector file as other atock agencies do so the buyer have the chance to buy which one he like
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