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  1. Oh my... I've been contemplating leaving for some time now... This might just be the last drop to tip over the edge... Not only that this will probably lead to less earnings, but it was communicated in such a lousy way. I am highly disappointed.
  2. That camera is a beast in a deceptively small body!
  3. Not only that it's accepted, but clips I uploaded even paid off the cost of the camera! However, it's not that much about the camera, but about the content you provide
  4. I'm not an expert in macro, but these photos look very nice to me. It's great that you've found an alternative!
  5. If you aren't planning to use a macro lens for other purposes (ie portraits, etc...) then we can agree that you will be satisfied with a manual-focusing lens. If that is the case, you might consider buying some kind of Canon EF to Sony E adapter (even the cheap ones will do the trick because you won't be using auto-focus much) and then you can either look for used Canon EF 100mm f2.8 Macro, or Samyang's (Rokinon in the US) 100mm f2.8 manual focusing lens. I am using the Canon's one and I love it; never used Samyang's but all reviews I saw so far claim it is very good lens. On the other hand, 100mm might be too long for an aps-c (depending on the personal preference), in which case somebody else should try to help you, somebody who has experience with 50-60-ish macro lenses designed for aps-c.
  6. I am not sure of the current prices (especially as they wildly vary depending on the region and discounts) but maybe you should also consider the a6500. I'm not shooting wildlife but I imagine the in-body-stabilization would be of a great benefit to the wildlife shooter (especially in video!). Also, I believe that a6500 handles overheating better. It is not a full-frame low-light beast of a camera, but it handles low-light situations pretty well imho.
  7. There definitely is a bug. When I select then deselect the "Shutterstock Select" filter, my clips show up. But anyhow, this is bad. Enough with destructive experiments for the sake of selected few!
  8. I don't know if it's just me or is it a new site-wide bug, but even the popular clips on the whole website are skewed... They all feature clips from just one portfolio. I mean, they are great clips, but this doesn't look like it's the way it should be.
  9. This is ridiculous! Nobody in their right mind would do such amount of work when 1) earning potentials are unpredictable and 2) PNG codec works just fine on it's own (or at least it used to work before)
  10. I've uploaded transparent PNG videos in the past, but it was many months ago; maybe something changed, intentionally or unintentionally (ie. bug )
  11. Great! Enjoy creating dreamy bokehliciousness!
  12. I only tested it on Canon's crop (aps-c) body and on the mirrorless Sony bodies. But it is a fun lens to use indeed
  13. This is a question only you can answer to. Currently we have this equipment in our "arsenal": Sony a7 iii (sold a7s ii few weeks ago) with Samyang 35mm f1.4, sony a6500 with kit lens and Sigma 30mm f1.4, Canon 5d Mark IV with a bunch of Canon and Sigma Art primes and 16-35 2.8 zoom. Zhiyun Crane gimbal... tripods, slider, bunch of continuous lights in various shapes/forms, flashes... Gopro 6... etc etc etc... Now, the point of this post is NOT to brag! The point is that ALL of this stuff is bought from stock sales. Not even a cent was borrowed or loaned, only stock investments... But it took years, it won't happen overnight... I started 8 years ago with Canon Powershot SX220 HS and shot/uploaded like crazy
  14. Great! I'm glad they are solving issues. Hopefully soon they'll implement a fix for my problem too ?
  15. When I joined SS in 2015, I joined primarily to sell video here. Before that I was heavily invested in a certain Australian agency with initials VH, which was (and still is) known in microstock circles as a marketplace which undercuts prices and is considered as the cheapest and worst price-wise... Well, guess what? In my 8-years career as a video contributor over there I never ever had as low sale as I get nowadays here on SS... The lowest I personally get over there is around $5 per clip! $1.5 is an insult... Plus all those heavy bugs, approved clips not ever showing in my portfolio... Currently, working with SS is beyond frustrating... EDIT: The sad truth is - I can't currently afford to deactivate my entire video portfolio... But that isn't stopping me from exploring other options to make a transit for me - wouldn't be the first in my microstock career
  16. I uploaded one vertical video many months ago; I can't tell you if you will have much sales with vertical video, but I can help you with this piece of information: SS accepts (or at least they accepted) vertical videos, however you have to render it horizontally. That means that anyone trying to purchase vertical videos on ShutterStock will have to twist their head at 90 degrees angle while previewing This is how it's done: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-22947439-time-lapse-footage-beautiful-sunset-over-sea
  17. I am going to get fat from all the popcorns needed to follow ShutterStock forums these days
  18. Great choice! This is a powerful little camera! Even with the kit lens it gets the job done. We've got the kit lens for general purpose shots and travel selfies (and it's very cheap lens comparing to other Sony lenses) and Sigma 30mm f1.4 for people lifestyle shoots
  19. Being that I shoot mostly stock photos/footage, I claim that the a7iii is the best-buy overall hybrid full-frame camera for stock at this point in time (at least in my own opinion). I explicitly say "for stock" because I don't do events/weddings so I can't tell from my own experience; but I know some seasoned photographers and videographers as well who happily switched to Sony a7 iii without any regrets. However, Sony FE lenses are usually expensive. There are some affordable ones, but f2.8 zooms are insanely expensive ($2000+ !). There's a Tamron 28-75 f2.8 which is way more affordable, though.
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