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  1. Thank you ShutterStock. Time to move on.. And don't forget to disable your portfolio. Unless you want to donate your content to them.
  2. Your portfolio is sick!! I love it. It's definitely worth much much more then SS pays you.
  3. Well that's just wonderful! which means I've earned SS at least 350 000$, but probably much much more. And what do we get in return? Let's just cut all our incomes in half and reset all our contribution to zero as of January 1. I just wish to see that CEO meeting: "Yeah, we need to cut all our contributor expenses in half, great idea, Jonson! How didn't we think of it before!". I remember the times when iStock was the king and now they're nobody. Looks like SS is going the same path. Ou and > 25,000 clips in a year?? Are you serious?? That's impossible for 99.9999% but sure, let's help to create fair opportunities for all our contributors! Might as well just typed 1 000 000, makes no difference.
  4. Same with me. Starting yesterday on 14.06.2019. Hope will be fixed soon.
  5. Is anyone else experiencing problems with new submit images/video design? Almost every time when you select multiple images, add description, keywords, category and click submit it fails to submit the first time. Showing only that something is wrong without specifying what exactly? Then I don't do ANY changes just click submit a couple more time and it goes. All this looks really buggy. And the other thing is that when I use Shutterstock keyword suggestion tool it gives me some words and then in the new submit form it says that these words are not allowed. Like "xmas" Ok, thats cool but why are you then suggesting them??? Just don't show them in the suggestion tool. This really isn't cool.
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