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  1. We really need Shutterstock to make BETA with two upload options: EPS only and EPS+JPEG. Please do this!
  2. Now there are about 500 signatures to petition "Cancel the limitation of EPS files to 4 megapixels" Vector contributors are asking now NOT to do changes!
  3. Аbsolutely agree! It's terrible updates! I hope fervently for the SS command will change their mind and will not do any changes!
  4. Hello to everybody! I see not only 100% repetitions are spam-like. For example, title: "Heart Icon Vector. Heart Icon JPEG. Heart Icon Object. Heart Icon Picture. Heart Icon Image. Heart Icon Graphic. Heart Icon Art. Heart Icon JPG. Heart Icon EPS. Heart Icon AI. Heart Icon Drawing". I think these have to be suspended too.
  5. Preview is a good idea in itself. But please MAKE WATERMARKS REALLY VISIBLE! Some greyscale pictures and b&w icon need to be protected by colorful watermarks, aren't they?
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