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  1. Depending on your genres there are seasonal fluctuations. 6 months is a pretty short time to make a statistic like you do. December is usuly somewhat slow, January cam be too.
  2. Happy e-mail

    Congrats! I got that email two weeks ago, and I can confirm there seems to be something aabout that algorithm, sales are rarer now, I almost wish myself back to the days of 0.25$ subscriptions
  3. GoPro Hero 6

    I just hope they improved the noise problem. I can get HD video footage made with the Hero 5 accepted on SS, but stills get rejected for noise even under good light conditions and with lowest ISO settings. It should be able to do better.
  4. Earning update issue

    Seems like it is slowly starting to update now, strange enough the other site I mentioned with same problem is also in progress of updating my sales coun;)
  5. Earning update issue

    The strange / fun thing is that iS is having exact the same issue at the moment. Somehow I get the impression that it is the same folks messing aroind in the engine room which is then also the same.
  6. Earning update issue

    Maybe they will soon introduce a sales report system that only updates once a month like some other agency already does.
  7. Earning update issue

    +1 Agree that it may take ome time for a sale to show up in the stats but it doe not take a half day.
  8. Disappeared keywords in top-performers

    The tech folks are messsing with something. According to the map I am having some sales today after several days without sales, but these sales do not show up in the earnings summary or sales count.
  9. Disappeared keywords in top-performers

    My sales stopped dead since wednesday, I do not think it is a shutterstock issue because it seems to affect all the agencies I supply. Maybe world business is on strike or something.
  10. The strange thing is that for my part, I make more cents per average sale there than here. The other side of the medal is that most contributors "there" have experienced massive drops in number of sales since a certain platform "upgrade". It seem the customers "there" have as well experienced that "upgrade" less fortunate, and some have left in favor of other sites, including this one. Every site has its issues.
  11. How low can you go?

    It is sad that our work is payed so poor. Subs do for all nowadays, and the highest they can get are 38 cents if you have earned enough. They don't dare to set the prices for subs down, they just seem to widen the criteria for usage of subs. It is also annoying to get up at shit'o clock to make some newsworthy editorial pictures, and have them wait for review for five days, while picture No. #100.000.000 of some sliced tomatoes get approved just some minutes after submission. But that is life in this business. It is not motivating, no idea where this may end up.
  12. plagiarism or not?

    4. Get a good lawyer. 5. Pay the compensation to the design owners.

    Editorial pictures are not allowed to be manipulated. All you can do is some minor cropping, and some cosmetic adjustments to contrast, color temperature etc. Editorial is a limitation that does not allow commercial use. Whywould you limit your sales chacnes when it is not necessary. And your "Price Dropped" vector could as well be something we would find in a supermarket on some food item that is close to the best before date. No need for editorial on that. Now that you shout to the reviewers to read the caption, m a y b e you should read the guidelines and purpose for editorialfiles. It cant harm you.
  14. Has OFFSET damaged Our SS Sales?

    If I look at Shutterstock like a customer, not a photographer.... If I type in a search term, I will usually get loads of pictures. The problem with that load is that a considerable share of the "find" has absolutely no relation to the search term whatsoever. So, as a customer I must spend time to manually go trough pages and pages in order to find what I want, because itis there - no doubt. It is just buried in crap with spammed keywords. As a customer, some smaller agencies may give me a spot-on search result without totally unrelated pictures, but they may not have the one and only I might be looking for. Shutterstock is the market leader, and access for newbies is easy. Far too easy nowadays. Some come and hope for a gold rush, and some again hope that adding irrelevant, but popular keywords may increase their sales. Unfortunately the SS reviewers only do pixel-peeping, not keyword-peeping.
  15. How long does Editorial approval take?

    That is how Shutterstock sees it. But there are agencies offering priority preview (less than an hour) to newsworthy editorial pictures taken only short time before they are submitted.