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  1. Hi, I have looked and looked but can not find the exact technical way to add a reference image to a submission. Can someone please spell out how to do this or direct me to a link that will tell me. Everything I find tells me it has to be done but not how to do it. Thank you Dan
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    Thank you darla, Yes I am one determined son of a son of a...
  3. Dan Sanders


    rinderart, thank you for that offer it is very much appreciated and I will do that. My other projects have me jumping right now let me look at next week,the week of the eighth if that is good for you again thank you so much ! I will email you this afternoon. Dan Dan,dansanders@comcast.net
  4. Dan Sanders


    I'll take all the advice and try again, thank you
  5. Dan Sanders


    © Daniel B Sanders 2016

  6. rinderart when I have mastered the difference between life and death dreams and reality then I may know the difference between art and stock, there seems to be similar differences :-) Dan
  7. I do see that darla, it comes from processing and I also want to thank all of you I am learning the difference for one thing between stock and art. Thank you all for your time and teaching.
  8. The one response I think I understand here is from rinderart. Darla it's a buoy not a weather radar not that that really changes your critique and it's really just one images not a bunch put together. machiavel007 weird was the idea which I think is what rinderart meant by going past what stock is in short I've gone to creative for stock photos I get that .
  9. Menacing dark clouds rolling in over the city of Boston in the background as this one person seems to be keeping a lonely vigil. You almost do not notice the person when you first look at the image.

    © Daniel B. Sanders December 2015

  10. This person is fishing in Boston Harbor with the city skyline of Boston in the background as a fog begins to move in.

    © Daniel B. Sanders December 2015

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