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  1. You get the percentage for your level. You need level 4 to get 30%. If you are at level 4, 30% is what you get. When you see the "minimum price" of $65 for your video, that is for a single download. Videos, like photos, can be purchased at a much lower cost if the buyer has a subscription. I doubt Shutterstock is going to reverse course and reinstate the old royalty scheme. Many people get frustrated with the lower rates and leave, but at the same time many new people arrive and upload content. And even with the lower rates on Shutterstock, I make more here than I do on sites th
  2. You need hundreds of good quality images to start making sales. Your images don't have much commercial utility. For each of your images, there are hundreds or thousands of the same topic that are much better quality than yours. For each of your images, do a search on Shutterstock of the same subject and see what you have to compete against. If you want to succeed, find subjects that haven't been covered yet, or subjects with little coverage and do them better. Then use good titles and relevant keywords. Using keywords that don't apply just frustrates the buyers and wi
  3. A lot of what is in Karl Taylor's video would apply: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIm-SZHKOW4 It is for photos, but you would need to replace the flashes with strong continuous light if shooting video. Either way, it is very informative and helpful for any sort of studio work.
  4. Also the lamp looks like it might be a trademarked design (bit I don't know for sure).
  5. This sounds like a focus tuning issue, I have a Nikon 50mm AF-S f/1.8, and it is very sharp. In all the reviews I have seen and in all the sample photos, the Nikon lens is far superior to the Yongnuo.
  6. It will work fine, as long as you understand it's limitations. The sensor in a D5300 is the same sensor as in the equivalent D7x00 series camera. The main difference is features and convenience, not image quality (with the exception of focus fine tune, see below). You will want good glass, primes will be the most cost effective and generally faster than good zooms. Avoid "super zoom" type lenses (18-200, 18-140, 28-300, etc) as they offer poor image quality, and they are also very slow. For zoom lenses, stick with those that offer a constant aperture throughout the zoom range (usuall
  7. Use LibreOffice Math, then export as an image, and then delete the background.
  8. Yes, there is a lag between when you buy and when it settles, but why is this a problem? If you aren't using margin, robinhood.com (like all brokers) requires you have the cash in your account when you purchase. You can't buy now and pay on settlement, unless you use margin. The whole problem was robinhood.com allowing its users to use too much margin. They could have blocked just margin trades, and allowed cash trades. This might have actually helped them, as people put more cash in their accounts.
  9. Yes, I am aware of the reasons that robinhood.com stopped accepting trades except to close a position. But they knew what was happening for days, and should have been better prepared for this. And they should have allowed people to continue to buy GME, just not on margin. If you have the cash and don't need margin, it shouldn't make any difference to them.
  10. At this point, it doesn't have anything to do with the real value of the shares. The large hedge funds shorted GME, and they have to buy the shares back. As long as the people who own most of the stock (the Reddit crowd) refuse to sell below a cetain price, the funds have to pay that price sooner or later. I don't know what would happen if GameStop went bankrupt, but I don't think it would affect what is going on now. Companies in bankruptcy have continued to trade in the past.
  11. The short interest in GME is almost 122% of the floating shares, so it appears that some of the hedge funds have large naked short positions. The thing is, they will have to cover at some point. They must also maintain their margins, so some of them have had to sell "good" stocks (such as Apple), causing a price drop in these stocks (now is the time to buy those!) And AFAIK, a lot of options will expire tonight. As long as the Reddit crowd keeps together, they can keep pushing the price up. But some people will take the money and run, and when they do, the whole thing might fall
  12. The roses are definitely our of focus. For the book, when I look at the fibers sticking out on the right, they are not very sharp. Also, the photo seems noisy in the shadows.
  13. when I look at them full size, none of them are sharp, and I don't think any of them should be accepted. Take a look full size and you will see what I mean.
  14. I understand Shutterstock needs to compete in a competitive marketplace, attract more buyers, and keep the shareholders happy. Every business does. I also understand that more sales at a lower royalty can earn the same as fewer sales at a higher royalty. 10 sales at $0.10 is the same as 1 sale at $1.00, and I really don't care how many sales I make, as long as the money is the same in the end. My biggest problem with the new system is resetting everyone to level 1 on January 1st. This really isn't fair, because until you work your way up to your previous level again, you will earn s
  15. Shutterstock doesn't care what you use (phone, DSLR, P&S, etc), as long as the photos meet the quality standards. Sorry but the photo you posted isn't even close.
  16. You might start seeing weekly sales once you have 500-600 high quality photos online. You need to take photos that are useful to the buyers. Look in magazines, on web sites, in corporate reports, on book covers, etc, to see what types of photos sell. You also need many relevant keywords. Your football field photos look like they might be your most marketable (with the vertical orientation they may be useful as book covers?), but they may never sell because you don't have good descriptions and enough keywords. There are over 5100 pages that come up when you search "football field", ho
  17. The D5300 does not have AF fine tune, so your lens may not be focusing perfectly. Try using a steady tripod, and focus using live view to get on-sensor focusing which will be more accurate than the phase detect AF. Once focused, mirror lockup and a remote release will help. Also note that inexpensive DX lenses aren't as well built and don't have the same quality of glass that more expensive lenses do, so the image quality won't be as good. Don't expect to get the same sharpness and image quality from a cheap $350 zoom lens as you would get from a better $1500 lens, especially a telephoto
  18. Look at it full size. It is not in focus, or had camera shake, or something. The reviewer was definitely right to reject it.
  19. It is counted from the start of the year, You go back to the bottom again at the start of next year.
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