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  1. Doug McLean

    Beginner here, I would like constructive criticism

    I agree with Simone, take your camera to the lab, you should be able to get lots of marketable photos there.
  2. Doug McLean

    Facebook group circumvents copyrights

    While I would like to see the bug fixed, if Shutterstock is making more money than they are losing, doesn't the same apply to the contributors?
  3. Doug McLean

    Stupid rejections - why?

    Is there a logo on the clock if you look full size? I had a rejection for that once.
  4. You have to remember, a release is a legal document, so it must be correct in every detail. The dates must be correct, the signatures must be in the correct places, etc. It isn't just Shutterstock being overly picky. If it were just a note on file so Shutterstock will know you have permission from the model/parent/property owner it would be different, but where it is a legal document I can see why they are very careful about the details.
  5. When I look at it full size it looks out of focus, and it looks like it was either taken at a very high ISO or compressed too much.
  6. Doug McLean

    "Earnings Summary" Problem?

    This doesn't inspire confidence.
  7. Hi, When I look at my June "Earnings Summary", it shows a sale of one of my new photos on June 3. If I refresh, it doesn't. Every time I refresh my earnings summary, it has about a 50% chance of being there. What's up with this? How do I know if it is missing other sales or not??? Does anyone else have this issue?
  8. Doug McLean

    My work was stolen and sold on Amazon and Ebay

    Aren't they allowed to do this if they buy an extended license? Did you sell any extended licenses for these images?
  9. Doug McLean

    Help for new member

    I'm no expert, but here are my thoughts: You have a tendency to center everything. This is ok sometimes if the buyer has room on either side to crop, or if you want to show interesting symmetry, but in general, work on your composition. A lot of your pictures look like they are just snapshots. A few of your photos are good, but many are rather dull and lifeless. Better color and/or lighting would help in many cases. For some photos, you have too many versions that are nearly identical. For the same subject, try to use different angles and arrangements so that they are substantially different. Many of your photos have little commercial value. Look at your photos and ask yourself, what a buyer could sell, or what point they could illustrate using your photos? Some of your keywords are irrelevant to the photo (spam) and many photos are missing keywords that are relevant. It doesn't matter how good your photos are if the buyers can't find them. That's my $0.02 worth.
  10. Doug McLean

    Golden Gate Bridge has been replaced.

    Looks like keyword spam, all the mountain photos have "golden gate bridge" as a keyword.
  11. Doug McLean

    Unable to License

    It is probably the movie poster.
  12. Doug McLean

    Intellectual Property Rejection

    The image is out of focus, it is quite blurry viewed at 100%. It is also very noisy. I don't know why the intellectual property rejection, perhaps something to do with it being an obvious studio shot and not a wild owl?
  13. Doug McLean

    What am I doing wrong/ Model release

    You need to have a different witness than yourself. Also, the date signed by the model is not clear. The year does not look like 18, it could have been 16 but really isn't any clear number. It needs to match the date the witness signed. The year in the date the witness signed looks like it may have been altered, I can see that it is supposed to be 18, but it looks like just a scribble. For the model, it also doesn't hurt to include a photo ID in the visual reference field.
  14. Doug McLean

    Incorrectly rejected images

    It might be one of these? The text on the engine cowl on the front The plane identification before the tail The red/orange (a flag?) on the tail The design of the plane itself Chances are, either one was rejected by mistake, or one was accepted by mistake. You could email Shutterstock and ask them.
  15. Doug McLean