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  1. There are good months, and bad months, just like before. My lifetime average is $0.74 My June average was $0.87 My July average was $1.47 So yes there are a lot of $0.10 sales, but on the average things really aren't as bad as people seem to think.
  2. Your portfolio is amazing. If you could find the buyers and sell directly to them, for future photos you could probably do very well with rights managed licenses.
  3. Yes, you need a signed model release.
  4. Maybe you shouldn't be allowed to post in the forums, until you have at least 5 uploads accepted in your portfolio. Might cut down on the spam....
  5. Exactly. Duck photos really can be moneymakers 😀 One of my best selling and most profitable photos of all time on SS is one of my duck photos. Sales of it has slowed down lately, but it still sold a couple times this week, and I got one sale of $30 for it earlier this month.
  6. Cell phones are not really suitable for stock photography. Yes, you can sometimes get acceptable photos with them, but if you want to build up a good stock portfolio, you really need a decent camera.
  7. I'm sorry, but the reviewer is correct, the images have noise, what appear to be compression artifacts, and soft focus. Overall the technical quality is not very good. To fix this try using a lower ISO and a tripod with a remote release. Also shoot in raw if you aren't, you will get better results.
  8. First, you only have 325 mages. You need way more than that to make regular sales. Second, you need images that are more usable commercially. Some of your images have some commercial appeal, but most do not. A lot of them look like vacation snapshots. You need to shoot subjects that are in demand, or, pick a niche that is poorly represented and do it better than anyone else. Third, you need to work on your metadata. You have one that has the description "Green bug sleeping on a purple flower". What kind of bug? What kind of flower? Or "Cute face of a dog". What breed of dog? Young p
  9. None of it is in proper focus. It also looks like it has artifacts, the overall quality it very poor. It looks like it was probably taken with a cell phone or tablet.
  10. What I don't understand is why Shutterstock can't check uploaded images to see if they already exist in their collection? Google image search can search the entire Internet for similar images, so why can't Shutterstock search at least their own collection? Maybe Shutterstock (and other agencies) should hire Google to implement s system to prevent upload of stolen images.
  11. Post a couple full size samples, it is hard to judge without seeing the photos. But Whiteaster is right, smartphones really aren't suitable for stock photography. You might get a few good shots, but really the sensors are too small, and the lenses not very good. Smartphones might take vacation photos you are happy with, but for serious photography, they aren't really much good.
  12. Email support and explain what is happening, and ask for a case number to use when submitting.
  13. Personally, I don't like lenses that don't offer a constant aperture throughout the zoom range. For the same price, you might be better off getting a 200-500mm, and then a 70-200mm f/4, (or a Tamron or Sigma 70-200 f/2.8). You could probably get one or both used.
  14. That is the smallest subscription plan. Companies that buy a lot of images get the 750 photos for $249 plan ($0.33/photo).
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