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  1. Look at it full size, it is very noisy. It should never be accepted like this.
  2. It's the AI, the Latin isn't in it's dictionary, so it rejects it. Submit again with note to reviewer "previously submitted" so a real human will look at it.
  3. My guess (and this is just a guess) would be "brown skin".
  4. The reviewer was correct, both are too soft to be useful, either out of focus, or camera shake.
  5. A mall is private property and the mall security or manager have the right to stop you from taking photos. Any place not owned by the government is private property, and the owner, or people acting on their behalf (manager, security, etc) have the right to prevent you from taking photos. You can take photos of whatever you want from publicly owned places, even if you are photographing private things. If you are on a public street, you can take pictures of street, people walking down the street, etc, because they do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. But there are exceptions. If you are on a public street, you cannot take pictures through windows of someone's house or apartment, and maybe not office windows, because in these places people do have a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  6. When viewing full size, it looks to me like none of this photo is in focus, but it is hard to tell because it is so noisy.
  7. I don't think you are allowed to take any action against sites using your photos illegally, according to the terms of service, you have to contact Shutterstock? 12.b "In the event that you believe that a Shutterstock license to your Content is being misused, you shall take no action against a Shutterstock licensee without providing notice of such misuse to Shutterstock and receiving Shutterstock's prior written consent to such action. "
  8. That may be true in some countries, but not here. I pay tax here because it is at a lower rate than the US, but it does depend on what sort of tax treaty your country has with the US.
  9. But then you will have to pay tax in the country you are in. You might want to look and see if your country or the US has a lower tax rate.
  10. Very blurry, not even close to sharp, completely unusable. Either is is out of focus, blurred by movement, or softened by diffraction (likely a combination of these). f/18 is way too small an aperture for your camera, diffraction starts becoming visible at f/11.
  11. f/13 is too small an aperture, you can see diffraction is softening the picture. Given the distance involved, you shouldn't need smaller than f/8 or even f/5.6. Try with a tripod and remote release at f/5.6 and f/8 and see how they look. The clouds are nice over the mountain, and the V formed by the mountains on each side add to it. But I don't know what a buyer would use it for, maybe a travel photo?
  12. Probably not Shutterstock's fault at all. Usually when an account gets hacked it is because the user did something really stupid, like using the same password on more than one web site, or using too simple a password.
  13. Nothing in the photo is in focus. You need to have the stuff surrounding the waterfall in focus (rocks etc), not the waterfall, because the waterfall will have motion blur anyway.
  14. With only 48 photos, you might sell one every few months or so. Most of your photos appear to be travel related. Not many buyers for travel photos right now. Try other subjects. You have a few good photos, buy most of them aren't visually appealing. Take a look at what is already available to compare. Your titles and keywords need work. Once you fix the above, and upload a thousand photos, you might start making regular sales.
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