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  1. Doug McLean

    The generic milestone thread...

    Finally sold my first video: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1010062688
  2. Doug McLean

    Breaking News Photos?

    This isn't as easy as I thought, but I'll try again. But for a lot of things, I would like a place that has wider distribution.
  3. Doug McLean

    Breaking News Photos?

    Thanks, I'll email Associated Press. I submitted the editorial photos for current news to Shutterstock, but of course, by the time they get reviewed, they aren't current news any more.
  4. Doug McLean

    Any tips?

    It looks to me like you are off to a reasonably good start, but you will need to upload a lot more to start making regular sales.
  5. Doug McLean


    If he is using any of your images, then report him to Shutterstock. If he isn't, and you know who's images he is using, report him to them so that they can report him to Shutterstock.
  6. Go to the Google search page, select Images, then click the little camera in the search bar. From there you can paste the URL for an online picture (the default tab above the search box) or select the other tab to upload an image to search for.
  7. Doug McLean

    What about this site?

    My understanding is that photos used in products for resale require an extended license.
  8. I've found mine everywhere, including sites belonging to Microsoft, University of Waterloo, Reader's Digest, news sites, blogs, various company sites, a book cover, even the US Army once. Seeing my photos everywhere is almost as good as getting a bit of money for them. I remember my very first sale, I was able to find it a few days later on a site in Russia.
  9. Doug McLean

    Rejected.....sensor lens dust!

    LOL, sometimes, they will tell you small birds far away in the sky, out of the depth of field, is sensor dust.
  10. Doug McLean

    Need a budget FF. Sony A7 or Nikon D600?

    Most of the cameras will do 1080 video, take a look at the Nikon site for models you are interested in, and check the specs. They have specs for archived cameras as well as current models.
  11. Doug McLean

    Need a budget FF. Sony A7 or Nikon D600?

    Too cute, and puppy pictures will probably be marketable if you get some good shots of them having fun (I have sold quite a few of our pets). I would also recommend Nikon over Sony. Adapters generally don't work as well as native lenses and can lead to frustration, plus you can use old Nikon lenses (my oldest is from the 1960s, it only need a slight modification you can easily do at home). You might not need full frame, a better crop sensor camera will do fine (D7x00 series). The savings over a full frame camera could be used for more glass (stay away from kit lenses or slow ones, they aren't worth it). If you do get a used D600, make sure it was serviced by Nikon for the shutter problem, otherwise it might still be spraying oil on the sensor. Also if you buy used, make sure to check the shutter count. You don't want a camera that is at the end of its life.
  12. Doug McLean

    Breaking News Photos?

    LOL, is that what they mean when they say "make photos"?
  13. Doug McLean

    Breaking News Photos?

    No, haven't heard of them, but I'll take a look.
  14. Doug McLean

    Breaking News Photos?

    Thanks, I looked at that, but all I could easily find were places to upload your photos/videos, for them to use for free.
  15. Doug McLean

    Capture Egret to making nest on tree

    LOL, this one also has the description "A free bird in the sky", but I don't see a whole lot of sky in this photo. It makes it very difficult for the buyers when contributors don't use correct keywords or a correct description.