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    Sorry, but to me, it looks very out of focus, and the exposure/contrast/lighting/composition is poor. I also don't see much commercial value in it.
  2. Doug McLean

    Earning difference for released pictures + Video

    $0.25 might be worth it for a good photo, you may sell it many times. My best selling photo has sold (as of today) 235 times. Most were for the minimum, but some were for more, and either way, all the little sales add up over time.
  3. Ok, thanks, it is a bit of work, but I'll give it a try. As far as deleting ones that never sold, I am looking to delete older ones that haven't sold and aren't as good as they should be, maybe ones that were accepted but shouldn't have been as I was learning. I'm thinking that the quality of a portfolio is important as well as the size.
  4. Is there a place where we can easily see what content has never sold?
  5. Doug McLean

    Be careful! Someone is hacking shutterstock accounts!

    The most common way for this type of thing to happen is when people use the same password on different sites. When they do, if one site gets hacked, the hackers will try the email address and password on every site they can think of (they may automate this). If you used the same password on multiple sites, and one site gets hacked, sooner or later the hackers will be able to get into other sites. This happened to a lot of people when MySpace was hacked. I'm not saying that this is always the case, but it is the most common case. So, never use the same password on more than one site.
  6. Doug McLean

    Rejection reason translation

    The translation must be accurate. The text translates to "Our Dead", not "For Our Dead".
  7. Doug McLean

    No sells on new works.

    The best way to get sale on new works is to do things that haven't been done before, and when you upload use lots of good keywords. A lot of people will say "everything has already been done", but that isn't true. Some of my best sellers are things that nobody did (or nobody did the same way), and I was quite surprised nothing was already there when I looked.
  8. Doug McLean

    December Shot List

    The shot list is what their customer's are looking for in December. You can submit pictures that you can't get releases for as editorial, but they are saying that their customer's are looking for COMMERCIAL images that they can use.
  9. I sold some duck photos, but they don't sell very well, the one that sold the most only sold 11 times. The rest only sold once or twice.
  10. Here is my workflow: Download raw (.nef) files from camera. Check photos with image viewer and copy the ones I want to use into an "incoming" folder. Originals are then moved to external hard drive. Process the photos in the "incoming" folder with editing software, and export a .jpg into a "processed" directory. Add metadata to the photos using a meta data editor. Copy the entire "processed" folder to a "ready to send" folder for each of the agencies I submit to. One "ready to send" folder per agency. Upload to each agency from the "ready to send" folders, and move from "ready to send" to "sent" folder for that agency. Add any additional meta data that seem appropriate on the submission page, attach releases if required, etc, then submit. Once reviewed, photos are moved from "sent" to either an "accepted" or a "rejected" folder for that agency. If accepted, I am done with that photo. If rejected, I examine the photo and if it looks worth it, I fix whatever needs fixing and move it back to the "ready to send" folder.
  11. Doug McLean

    Show your fav halloween images!

    This is my favorite because it is my first photo to wind up on a book cover:
  12. Doug McLean

    The generic milestone thread...

    Finally sold my first video: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1010062688
  13. Doug McLean

    Breaking News Photos?

    This isn't as easy as I thought, but I'll try again. But for a lot of things, I would like a place that has wider distribution.
  14. Doug McLean

    Breaking News Photos?

    Thanks, I'll email Associated Press. I submitted the editorial photos for current news to Shutterstock, but of course, by the time they get reviewed, they aren't current news any more.
  15. Doug McLean

    Any tips?

    It looks to me like you are off to a reasonably good start, but you will need to upload a lot more to start making regular sales.