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  1. What am I doing wrong/ Model release

    You need to have a different witness than yourself. Also, the date signed by the model is not clear. The year does not look like 18, it could have been 16 but really isn't any clear number. It needs to match the date the witness signed. The year in the date the witness signed looks like it may have been altered, I can see that it is supposed to be 18, but it looks like just a scribble. For the model, it also doesn't hurt to include a photo ID in the visual reference field.
  2. Incorrectly rejected images

    It might be one of these? The text on the engine cowl on the front The plane identification before the tail The red/orange (a flag?) on the tail The design of the plane itself Chances are, either one was rejected by mistake, or one was accepted by mistake. You could email Shutterstock and ask them.
  3. $10k

  4. Suggested keywords are a total joke

    The idea isn't to blindly add all the suggested words, it is to pick the few that might be relevant to your image. There are usually two or three that make sense for each of my photos that I forgot to add.
  5. Awesome submission improvement

    Ya, I didn't care for the new system at first, but after they improved it and now that I'm used to it, I like it a lot better than the old one.
  6. Photo With Doll Rejected?

    UPDATE: I contacted support, they said my doll photos were rejected in error, and I should submit them again. I submitted them all again, and all were accepted! So they are online now. After all this, I hope they sell enough to pay for the doll I bought for the photos ($8).
  7. Photo With Doll Rejected?

    Nah, I only paid $8 for it at the 2nd hand shop, if I can't use it for photos, I'll just give it away.
  8. Photo With Doll Rejected?

    Maybe? I wish that the reviewer could leave a note to indicate exactly what is wrong, another site does this and it is very helpful.
  9. Photo With Doll Rejected?

    Very nice photos. LOL,maybe I'll frequent yard sales and flea markets looking for antique dolls.
  10. Photo With Doll Rejected?

    Thank you, I was happy with them too. Oh well, I did shoot some of the same scene with a teddy bear, and some "terrorist" type photos at the same location (one sold as soon as it was approved), so the day wasn't a total waste. I'm going to look for a more generic doll and shoot the scene again. As for the doll photos I now have but can't use, maybe I'll enter then in the photo contest at the local exhibition this fall. It's worth a try.
  11. Photo With Doll Rejected?

    If I want to re-shoot the scene, how will I know what sort of doll is ok, and what isn't? I emailed Shutterstock, but got back a generic response that didn't answer any of my questions at all.
  12. Photo With Doll Rejected?

    I don't think it was the wallpaper because I submitted the same scenes but with the doll replaced by a teddy bear, and they were accepted. I emailed Shutterstock asking why they were rejected, there are hundreds of commercial doll pictures without releases available, and many of them are fancy dolls with detailed clothes.