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  1. Received the following reply from support -
  2. 14 days here!
  3. Hi all, I have been encountering this weird problem lately, hope someone can shed light over it. Last week I uploaded 4k video clips from a shoot and they started to appear in the content review. So far so good, but some clips had no thumbnails. Didn't think much of it and thought it may be a glitch so applied the csv and sent it for review. Then some batches started to appear with asterisk in the pending approval. Great! Decided to re-upload the culprit clips again and they still don't have thumbnails!! What gives! Anyone else facing similar issues? Thanks, Prash
  4. An update from SS would be really appreciated I am sure
  5. clicking on any of the clips from the search result still throws the same "clip no longer available" error. Yikes
  6. Not sure what's happening but all the clips seem to be no longer available.
  7. Thanks Iain, Never happened to me too. Well, it's day 4 today and this issue still remains unresolved.
  8. Ahh.. Thanks Bill
  9. We had some of our video files approved a couple of days ago and whenever I click on one of the approved clips I am greeted with "We're sorry, this clip is no longer available." page. Anyone else facing this issue? Thanks, Prash
  10. We have used neat video quiet a lot on shots that were too grainy. Don't forget to add a bit of sharpening and grain on top.
  11. Yay!! Congratulations dude!!
  12. Thanks Mr E. Well done to you too.
  13. Gotta say BME by a mile. Trust in stock is reaffirmed.
  14. QT Photojpeg 95% here
  15. Had this accepted last week