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  1. Another reason to stop uploading images, freedom from the stress of the pot luck/dump the lot/irrational reviewing process!
  2. Congrats on a good sale, shows there's signs of life here after all, its a bit like doing a lottery when every now and then a big prize comes up. Your post should give hope to those thinking of pulling out.
  3. Ditto me, I wont be uploading much here from now on, how did they keep a straight face when they announced this??😒
  4. Yes, I also submit to AS and A, its virtually a rejection free experience compared to here!, recently on here more and more get rejected because of noise/focus/artifacts etc. then have to resubmit and then they get through, seems like idle reviewers dumping the whole batch if just one is wrong😒its so tiring and wasteful, plus now the prospects of lower earnings makes it all a morale lowering experience😐
  5. Just resubmit them, you will get a different reviewer then😂, I've had this before, more so recently, they fail one image fair enough but then press the dump button on the whole batch, so, I only submit small batches now😐
  6. Worse than expected, in fact the worse month for a couple of years and maybe have to factor in the current turmoil in the world but downloads down by around a 1/3rd from average and earnings down by around 1/2 from average Nearly all subs as well😐
  7. Very poor so far, single digit downloads every day and all subs, earnings will be well down if this continues😕
  8. Hi there, am looking at getting the MIOPS (or similar) trigger system for my XT-2, have any of you guys used this combo, or indeed any Fuji X camera owners? Cheers
  9. I too ditched a Nikon FF system for Fujifilm, currently shooting with an X-T2, mainly now for better portability but not least the glass quality! and the firmware updates uprade the camera! Whilst owning a D750 I also bought a second hand Fujifilm X-M1 as a backup/casual camera and was amazed when viewing the first images taken with the so called kit lens that came with it, the sheer IQ matched or exceeded similar images from the Nikon, unbelievable! cue the start of researching a Fujifilm X system, and there were no reservations about dropping down to a APS-C camera.. Yes I accept the D750 had a low pass filter and was at better noise control at high ISO, better at landscapes etc, DSLRs have their place in the photography world but now, for stock photography, its Fujifilm all the way for me😀
  10. Correct, quite a few times the reviewer pressed the dump button on whole batches of different images, fair enough if the first image they examined was at fault, but the same reason for a whole batch?😖 Small batches from now on!
  11. Poor December really, but to be fair its just like the last few Decembers judging from the graph, maybe its due to the holidays etc. Things tend to pick up early in the new year, so it could be onwards and upwards as they say, hopefully not onwards and downwards🤣😣 Happy new year to all🎄
  12. There wont be an explanation from SS.. welcome to the strange world of Idiotic Rejections, where anything or everything goes, or doesn't! I've been caught a few times like this, when one image has a problem its fair enough, but to press the dump button on a whole batch of different images? well to me that's just idleness/laziness/cant be bothered/in a rush etc on the part of the reviewer Yes I've bitterly resented wrongly rejected batches too, just had to resubmit, copy and paste the keywords etc from the reject and waddaya know! they get passed by a more responsible reviewer🤣
  13. Off topic again slightly, but what happens if an image that should have been designated, as Editorial only , with branding/property etc., get passed as Commercial due to the reviewer's inattention to detail or negligence or whatever.. Who gets the blame then?
  14. No, not anymore, its gone back to days not hours of waiting for me now😒
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