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  1. What does one do when an image gets rejected for an "invalid model release" and in fact there is nothing wrong with the model release?
  2. What is the current turnaround time as of 6-22-16 for email support requests for contributors? Do we get a notice when the request was read or do we just get a resolution notice? Thanks
  3. Looking forward to the Android update...and please fix it so it will work over cellular data not just WiFi as the current version of the Android app does. Thanks!!
  4. Video files "successfully" uploaded via FTP are not showing up to be submitted. It's been a few days now. See this thread here for more details: http://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/87854-footage-upload-through-ftp-not-able-to-submit/
  5. ^ I'm seeing the same thing. Files must be hung up in processing after ftp. May be pushing 48 hours for some files.
  6. A bit annoying...always have to submit editorial images twice. Every time I submit an editorial image, the system complains essentially about the date in the description saying that the date elements may be mispelled (e.g. JUNE 11, "11" may be mispelled). Always have to tick the check box and resubmit. Am I missing something here? While I'm at it, the 200 character limit on descriptions seems overly prohibitive for editorial images.
  7. Oh. No that is not the case. I run plenty of data over the cellular data connection.
  8. I do not see anywhere in the app where this could be configured. Where would that be?
  9. The contributor app is very nice. However, it only seems to work over a WiFi connection, not cellular data. Any reasons why? I am running Android.
  10. If a member uploads a photo which includes content created by the photographer, I understand that a property release is needed. My question is, does the property release require the signature of a witness in this case? As an example, suppose I photograph a drawing which I created. When I create the property release, I sign as the photographer as well as creator of the art photographed. Do I need to have a witness signature in addition or not? While I am asking, If a photographer creates a self portrait, does the model release require the signature of a witness?
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