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  1. Ok, lets make a math: most popular plan 350 images for $199 which mean 0.57 per download. With 15% at the 1 level I'll earn something about 0.09. Ah yes, they said minimum 0.10, such generous step (sarcasm). Once I'll reach 4th level - 30% that is 0.17. And if one day I'll be lucky enough to reach 6th level (that is possible only for studios), so 40% and 0.2. Wow, I feel I'm getting richer! One second... Now I'm getting 0.38! Let's not make illusion about packs. No matter of the pack, we are loosing and loosing to much. As i said will see. I will not upload anything new from now, next month
  2. Are you kidding? So now you are telling me to sell my work almost for free? 0.05 per illustration?! While now I'm getting 0.38! 5 years with Shutterstock, I never wrote any single negative review, because I really used to like work with you. And now what? Do you really think that I will give my designs, in fact, for nothing, while spending days to create each one. Thanks guys. But we are NOT VOLUNTEERS here, we are working. Based on your new rules, looks I'll not earn more than $100! Do you know that only for Adobe Illustrator I pay $22? Anyway, I'll see what I'll get. If this tu
  3. Hi, Is the map lost forever? So boring without it, less motivation for drawing. I love to see what I sell every day, analyze what to draw, etc.
  4. I upload belarusian passport, that's why they ask also id from another country. I explain that wrote another country by mistake and stay only as a tourist. In support said that will fix my profile. I'll wait.
  5. Thank u very much for answer! Will wait letter from support
  6. Good evening. Within a week I try to download the passport, but the second time was refused. I wrote several letters in support, but I have no answer. Support work? I think the failure comes because I made some mistakes during registration. I wrote my address and the one where I stay now on a tourist visa. I do not know how to fix the mistakes and the site dont give an option. Please, if there is any solution to the problem, tell me. Thanks in advance. My sign up adress nisa_al_mansur@mail.ru
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