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  1. Quality Stock Arts

    The iOS contributor app has a new look!

    I like dark color
  2. Quality Stock Arts

    Coming Soon! Our New Content Editor

    Hi, I think we should reduce image size and increase content editor space because I think contributor no need to see big photo but we need to focus at text area it very hard to edit text content when use in laptop small screen and dragging screen up and down frequently is boring and tired everything should finish in one screen finally I have to spend more time compare with previous editor screen hopefully this review will be useful has been improved.
  3. Quality Stock Arts

    Policy Clarification - Similar Content Submissions

    am agree to delete all the same photo just crop/flip or change ratio but other condition am very agree with alredosaz your business strength is a lot of photo option for very customer requirement, I recommend you to manage by future acceptance policy or create Version or Option for stack photos together like "same model" feature it will be better for your business your customer and your contributor.
  4. Quality Stock Arts

    Pending images

    me too