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  1. After a poor May and June, July was my best month since May 2018. Let's hope it continues
  2. Hi, I think this is my first Doom and Gloom post - June was really bad for me, worst since Feb 2017. I hit the $3000 level during June, but I don't think that had any effect (I know there are some conspiracy theories about earnings levels and sales!) What's interesting though is that it's mostly the usual best sellers that are still selling, but in lower numbers, and as far as I can see all my most popular images are still appearing at the same place in search results.
  3. I have the rx100 v. Very sharp, lots of functionality, but I find it fiddly even with a 3rd party grip. But then I have big hands, and need my reading glasses on to see the controls! Can't remember what the difference is between iv and v. The v has the 24-70 equivalent whereas the new vi is longer but a bit slower. Hope this helps Gary
  4. Ha ha, good point. Not sure myself But I have several like that which have gone on to sell, so I usually upload anyway.
  5. In for a penny... I chose this because although comp, colours etc seem OK, I just don't get it as a stock image. The image doesn't say "lost on beach", although the title does. Why would someone hold a pair of glasses up like that? (Double post - this is Simone's not Kelly's...)
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