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  1. Our level convert to staff Bonus. Happy new year for you only.
  2. CEO never listen our contributed. he/she focus only salary and bonus( It's all in come ours work)
  3. Remember. No contributor No your salary! Salary of all shutterstock staff and CEO 'll reset to 1 level every 12 month too? @Kate Shutterstock
  4. Per year / How You get a commission from contributed? You'll reset all salary of Shutter staff and CEO every year too? ☹️
  5. Very bad idea. It's exploit contributor !!! Not fair !! You aggravate every contributor in covid-19 event. ☹️
  6. I don't like new submit page design. - I'm take a long time for edit my descriptions step for multi picture and It's too large menu & large picture for me. - only 1 category ? - review notifications 1 picture /1 notification ? Oh my god. my mobilephone hang. and. I think shutterstock should attach great importance to stable of system more often to re-design in submit page and before shutterstock 'll upgrade / re-design. please inform to all contribute for information of effect in upgrade progress time. ( lost picture in port / popular picture false . etc) Thank you.
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