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  1. Im so glad you have posted this , I part of the weekend in the Malham North Yorkshire in the snow . My hands still feel sore now from the cold ...If i left my gloves on I couldnt work my camera controls and if i took them off my hands turned purple ...i couldnt win ha
  2. Had a few downloads of this one in the last few weeks , its a lace weaver spider on an old rotten tree stump in my back garden
  3. Perch Rock lighthouse at Newbrighton Merseyside
  4. This one was my first sale and it was with 24 hours of being accepted (this was one of my 10 to join) . I now really don't like this picture ...i think its terrible ha
  5. Thankyou very much for replying and thankyou Alexandre for link , I understand it better now
  6. Hello , I've had a download late last night and the image has earned $15.80 (does happy dance biggest download to date) . When I look in the earnings summary its showing that it as downloaded in the single & other category can anyone tell me what this is please ? Added the photo that sold ... I'm not overly keen on this photo - its one of my mums hanging baskets from last summer but it's sold multiple times normally for 25 cents until last night . Many thanks Jackie x
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