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  1. Now after four attempts to upload rejected jpegs as an example I am defeated by "script has stopped responding" maybe it is trying to tell me something. Any advice on a better way of uploading - I have tried the 'use our simple uploader' and that is equally useless
  2. That is worrying as these days I am no longer able to visit the stock office and talk through images over a lightbox with other photographers. I am realistic enough to know that there is no living in this for me, at least until I build up numbers, but I am looking on it as a way of honing my old skills with newfangled digital gear and hopefully getting back to being a reasonable photographer - so a kind of incremental quality improvement process- but what you are telling me means I am deluded about the usefulness of such a process.
  3. Use a tripod always below about 1/250. Using spot focus metering. I often still use a handheld meter as a check, and I had to laugh out loud when I got rejected for Trademark--Image / Metadata potentially infringes on intellectual property rights for a hand written tag in a cow's ear!
  4. I keep throwing a few images at a time at them to see what happens. I used to supply stock using medium format gear years ago and have recently decided I would like to take pictures seriously again. I have got myself a Nikon D7200 a couple of months ago and was getting focus rejections - so back to the book and learn about autofocus. Then what about the lenses - wide angle zoom supplied with the camera (Tamron 18 - 200) proved pretty marginal so I am now using a 50mm prime Nikon lens, a 10 - 20 mm wide zoom and a 70 - 200 Tamron, all of which get great reviews and I thought great resulyts - st
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