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  1. I am starting to feel a little suspicious of so few sales now. Glitch in the system? Or something worse?
  2. @oleschwander, I ended up staying in Rome long term. Yes it was paid for the whole 7 months. I was lucky enough to attend the wrap party at the end. Hosted inside the NY set. ๐Ÿ‘
  3. @Steven Tritton I was paid 180,000 a day! Back in the lire days, when 3000 equaled a pound! So yes, much more than money made here ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. I got lucky back in the summer of 2000. Visiting my girlfriend in Rome, I saw a similar advert asking for English and Irish extras for a film being made at Cinecitta studios. I thought, why not give it a go. Lined up for 5 hours in the Italian heat with several hundred other people, and was successful. I had no idea what the film was about and who was directing. Then found out shortly before filming started, it was by one of my all time favourite film makers. Martin Scorsese! I was due back to the UK after my summer break in Rome, but ended up staying until the end of the shoot 7 months later. I started off as an extra in Daniel Day-Lewis gang, but due to my height (not acting!) became a stand-in for Liam Neeson, Jim Broadbent, Brendan Gleeson and John C Reilly. And on one memorable occasion, Day-Lewis, when his usual stand-in was not available. The film, Gangs of New York. I got paid for this brilliant experience!
  5. I made around $5 today too, which is $5 in total for the whole week. Not great๐Ÿ˜
  6. I must admit, sales have now become a joke. I look back on all the energy, time and money to make stock and all for enough income to buy a few drinks each week.
  7. I've made the grand total of $2.28 (which includes a video sale!) in the last 5 days. And the video had a property release! CRAP
  8. Thanks, Sheila. I have tried communicating, but SS make it almost impossible to get through. Other contributors try to answer any questions, and if you are lucky SS staff might eventually email back, but this can take a few weeks. I had clips of wild crows in Thailand up a tree rejected due to no property release. So it is a battle to find someone at SS who has any common sense. That is a fact. I have been waiting ages for a few clips of woodland and cloud formations I put non editorial to be reviewed. I would not be surprised if they ask for a property release, unless I have one of the more sensible reviewers look at the clips.
  9. I agree Sheila. Unfortunately I have had problems with reviewers in the past, who are totally clueless here. I have had clips rejected for not having a model or property release, including small wildlife! I am not kidding. In the end to play safe you select editorial. SS have some of the worse reviewers I have ever come across. I had recent photographs of Sydney city covered in smoke from the dreadful bushfires, rejected because they were not sharp! Need I explain more?
  10. I sell a few photos on occasions Studio 2. Hence the 38 cents. Yes pretty dreadful Siridhata. Do hope things improve soon.
  11. Still on 38 cents income after 6 days! I would love to know what has happened? Do you think buyers are going for subscription plans at other outlets? Obviously it feels daft uploading if the income has more or less stopped.
  12. I continue uploading, though the 38 cents income from the past few days is rather disconcerting ๐Ÿ˜ง
  13. They want a property release for the brush! LOL (Some reviewers here are unbelievable)
  14. Green arrow from me, Marbury. It is crappy with no sign things will get better. My sales are ten times less than the good old days, and I have more videos on the site now. That and the fact their is at least one reviewer who is totally clueless makes life rather frustrating!
  15. $1.20 video sale. I would make more income working in a sweatshop!
  16. I don't even make cents! ZERO income!
  17. Totally agree, Istvan. About time SS treated their contributors with a little more respect. What gets me, if they don't like your keywords (even if they are suitable) they expect you to upload 4K clips all over again and re-tag. Not as bad if you live somewhere like Asia where internet is super fast, but here in Australia it is slow and expensive. Not that I'm getting sales this past week. Puts you off dealing with reviewers who are clueless.
  18. @Algol, tell me about it. I have stopped uploading as had a run in with a moron reviewer who is absolutely clueless, rejecting decent clips due to keywords. They obviously have not heard of Brexit! As for sales....well if things get any worse I will need food stamps!
  19. Some of the most incompetent reviewers on any site. I just had - Similar Content: This content is too similar to another image or clip that has already been submitted or published.- for normal 4K footage compared to a time lapse clip! I know there is no point complaining about these reviewers as messages end up going to other contributors to get possible answers and not SS staff. So there is absolutely nothing you can do to complain about these useless reviewers. Puts you off uploading that is for sure.
  20. I can't see many sales until next year now, with most people off work. I do wonder why I bother anymore. Made more money as a teenage paperboy!
  21. The fairy is too busy repairing the sales reporting software!๐Ÿค”
  22. I'm starting to think the system has got a glitch. I already reported a clip stuck in pending for ten days and was told to upload again as there might be a technical problem. So maybe there is a similar problem with sales reporting too? That would explain the lousy $58 total income over 23 days. ๐Ÿค”
  23. Is there a glitch in SS sales reporting system? Still under $40 after 21 days. Very strange๐Ÿค
  24. Me again! I checked the clip SS reviewer rejected. It did have date and location! Rejection reasons (1) Editorial Caption: Captions for editorial clips must include date, location, and factual description. Information must be relevant to the subject matter, and cannot contain special characters. If it is to do with the title: We are still here because BREXIT is still crap - well that was on the banner in the shot! Seriously, where do you get reviewers from? A lot are clueless!
  25. Wow, not a great place to sell work anymore. Over 6000 videos and after half a month, $39 income! Plus the reviewers here do not respect your time. I forgot to add the date and location on one clip (from a series of clips on Brexit) Instead of asking me to add this info (A 10 second job) they reject and delete, and I have to upload all over again the 4K clip! Definitely not a way to get loyalty from your contributors, SS!
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