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  1. Same content on Adobe Stock, Dreamstime and other sites, 100% accepted On shutterstock I managed to get accepted around 300 photos, more than 100 rejected and still have to send for review another 200 but I can't because of the daily/weekly limit which I am not sure what it is.
  2. Shoot at 200mm, crop 100% shoot at 70mm, crop 100%
  3. Its happening to me as well, very annoyed, I know, I should not upload anymore but I had my work ready for months, so I had to upload it somewhere instead of just sitting on my HDD, anyway, back to the topic, the rejections of my photos from the same batch, same edit, same light, same camera, same everything, they accept 5 and reject other 5 for stupid reasons like focus or noise, not to mention they have submission limits, i have this "You have reached your account's submission limit for images. Please wait 24 hours to submit more content." error for about 2-3 days, trying daily to submit some more and still got the same, in the end it's a daily limit or weekly one cause I don't get it. Anyway, if we put everything together, money reduction, AI reviews plus this daily/weekly limits, basically they really want to get rid of us.........
  4. I have only travel, landscape mostly, no themes.
  5. Shutterstock - 87 downloads = 44$ AS - 29 downloads = 29.99$
  6. Expect September to be even worst, August was my worst month since September 2018.
  7. What do you think is going to happen, any impact on us as contributors? https://investor.shutterstock.com/news-releases/news-release-details/shutterstock-announces-proposed-public-offering-common-stock
  8. Number of downloads are going down for sure, don't know the exact reason but normally for me July should be better than June, for sure not this year.
  9. June 2020 - 0,70 image and video RPD
  10. Got an email from YAY just couple minutes ago: Hello again! It seems Shutterstock is still at it and footage commissions have slipped under $1. Reports from the "Badass Stock Footage Shooters" group show some users comments below: At YayImages we've just launched our video single sales. Take a look through our current library of over 100k approved videos With premium footage priced at $59 per HD clip and fair 50% commissions, we are set to launch sales through our affiliate program in the coming weeks. What else is new at YayImages? Image credit pack sales are live! Bulk edit tools for image uploads! Stocksubmitter integrations complete! We would also like to welcome the newest members of our contributor community, many of them referrals, especially the new users from Thailand. Have you sent a friend your referral link yet? Earn 20% of your referral's sales, when they use your link to signup. Login to your contributor dashboard to find your link in the "Referrals" tab here: https://contributors.yayimages.com/ More features coming soon including our new affiliate program to boost everyone's sales! We will also be working on a bug some contributors have reported for vector intake. Suggestion, feedback? We're accepting requests for improvement to our system. Please contact us at post@yayimages.com or via livechat to discuss Stay safe! Together in photography, Alex @ the YayImages Team
  11. Yeah, i feel you, I can say we have similar niche and I have similar downloads and the sales are really bad. Maximum I got as level 5 is 20 cents in subs which is really really bad compared with 38 cents before. P.S. Your portfolio is really nice source of inspiration where to travel in the future.
  12. Imagine how much damage can do a handful of people who think they can reinvent the wheel, at some point they will leave the company with full pockets and the company will be completely ruined.
  13. Nobody can explain anything as SS is not posting any data regarding how much we supposed to earn for each rank.
  14. Stop spamming every page the same link, we got it, you want referrals, NOW MOVE ON!!!
  15. 40 sales today for 12$, robberyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  16. Level 5 sales and they are many more like that!!!
  17. 90% of my sales are 10c sales, this is not normal, SS give us an option to opt out from 700/350 pack subs, it is our choice how we sell our content or I am going to disable content for selling.
  18. Level 5 and I earn much less, 10c, 16c, 17c, totally unacceptable now but imagine from 1st of January 2021 when you will back to rank 1, time to focus on something else, this is hurting my health and my state of mind in the last week, must move on and forget that SS ever existed, shame on you SS, shame on you!
  19. This doesn't seems right to me, some of these should be on regular subscriptions.
  20. Exactly 5 years later... I don't know but with the current situation (10 cent/image) I don't feel any joy reaching this milestone.
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