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  1. Not the best month but consistency is much more important to me.
  2. Seems like June 2021 is going to end as BME for me regarding income.
  3. From my own experience, no, i've been there my self, hard to sell these kind of pictures.
  4. Good month for me, with 5 more days to go, ill get there:
  5. I never thought it will more profitable to shoot still, sorry for you but this is the hard truth we are living.
  6. Thats one of the reason I need some feedback, they have 2 options when you apply as contributor, you can opt to put your images in a free pool which I am not really interested and second option paid per image sold.
  7. I need honest opinion from one of our contributors, not google reviews from the point of view of buyers.
  8. Hi, Today i received the 2nd email in a week to join Vecteezy, anybody can share some experience with them? Thank you!
  9. I can't complain honestly, I see ascending trend from month to month: Regarding June 2021:
  10. Deadline is 15th of the month....
  11. Why so impatient, hard to believe that most of us here are living on the SS money.
  12. My BME for downloads and earnings.
  13. 50% more downloads compared with 2019. 20% more downloads compared with 2020. 5% more earnings compare with 2020.
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