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  1. 50% more downloads compared with 2019. 20% more downloads compared with 2020. 5% more earnings compare with 2020.
  2. I reported this to you some time ago...
  3. I have quite stable sales.
  4. Same thing happened to me, what the hell is going on?
  5. Good start for me, can't complain.
  6. I see this month a lot of S&O and they are updated once daily, the average price is around 1,5$/image and I think they are not sold on SS but on some partner site, they don't have location on SS, any idea what partners SS is using?
  7. Reached level 4, RPD currently is 0,55 (videos + images), number of downloads it is in the normal limits for me.
  8. Same amount of sales until 7th (~200), revenue down 66% compared with January 2020.
  9. My current RPD is 0,31 in January compared with 0,81 in December 2020.
  10. Since when On Demand are 0,10? Is this a mistake or it is normal for level 1?
  11. Here are my stats, in the end was worst than 2019 but keeping in mind that im doing mostly travel, landscape and there is almost no travelling around the world, im good.
  12. Mostly travel, landscape and cityscape pictures, I had a good start but it is starting to slow down for the second half of the month.
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