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  1. From the graph looks like better than September on the half of the month.
  2. You never know Wilm, we always have good weeks and bad weeks, hopefully the month will end up with high sales, we just have to wait.
  3. I can't complain, it's a much better start than any other month since July. In 4 working days in October I got 25% downloads of August.
  4. Same content on Adobe Stock, Dreamstime and other sites, 100% accepted On shutterstock I managed to get accepted around 300 photos, more than 100 rejected and still have to send for review another 200 but I can't because of the daily/weekly limit which I am not sure what it is.
  5. Shoot at 200mm, crop 100% shoot at 70mm, crop 100%
  6. Its happening to me as well, very annoyed, I know, I should not upload anymore but I had my work ready for months, so I had to upload it somewhere instead of just sitting on my HDD, anyway, back to the topic, the rejections of my photos from the same batch, same edit, same light, same camera, same everything, they accept 5 and reject other 5 for stupid reasons like focus or noise, not to mention they have submission limits, i have this "You have reached your account's submission limit for images. Please wait 24 hours to submit more content." error for about 2-3 days, trying daily to submit some more and still got the same, in the end it's a daily limit or weekly one cause I don't get it. Anyway, if we put everything together, money reduction, AI reviews plus this daily/weekly limits, basically they really want to get rid of us.........
  7. I have only travel, landscape mostly, no themes.
  8. Shutterstock - 87 downloads = 44$ AS - 29 downloads = 29.99$
  9. Expect September to be even worst, August was my worst month since September 2018.
  10. What do you think is going to happen, any impact on us as contributors? https://investor.shutterstock.com/news-releases/news-release-details/shutterstock-announces-proposed-public-offering-common-stock
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