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  1. 67% earnings reduction month on month. Number of downloads about the same. SS profits may score a short term win, but one way or another this will catch up with them.
  2. Well, I have had a shocker today. I checked my stats and a sale dropped in at $20 net - I nearly fainted. My highest value sale on SS by a long way. Well done SS. JC
  3. What has happened today? Not a single download, annoying......
  4. Yep, think you might be right. Perhaps bringing REX further into the SS fold/brand.
  5. I have just seen this: http://www.shutterstock.com/editorial Does anyone know anything about it? JC
  6. I have been having a problem with importing titles for editorial images. The editorial caption in capitals (date, location etc) is not transferring from the meta data but the following descriptive text (in the same title field) is being transferred. I don't think this used to be a problem and I haven't changed my workflow.
  7. I think it's isolated logos that cause the problem. Product shots are OK - at least I think they are the rules. Do isolated product shots sell?
  8. I agree, although it is good to hear others thinking the same about SS moving in the editorial direction. It's the 60m+ images on Alamy I'm more keen to keep away....
  9. Uploaded, approved and sold yesterday http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-312125996/stock-photo-close-up-of-an-owl-s-eye-with-orange-iris-and-large-pupils-looking-straight-ahead.html?src=o1BBdCi6MbCtXvzzJvufzQ-2-54
  10. Great image and story - thanks for sharing. In the interests of providing inspiration can i ask how many times its been downloaded and whether it was a winner from day one or if you find that fans increased as the image matured in SS?
  11. Congratulations, that's great to hear and very encouraging. It would be interesting to know what proportion of revenue is coming from your video portfolio? Is it the greater part? Great images and thanks for sharing a positive positive perspective.
  12. I'm exactly the same as you. Editorial is my priority but my gut tells me not to get left behind with possible developments at FT/AD , so I have started to upload my rf shots. Got exited when my first upload had a sale within a couple of days, but nothing since. Do you have a big editorial portfolio on SS, how are sales going?
  13. Andy, that's a seriously impressive upload rate. Quick question about your rpi. When you refer to your strategy as resulting in an rpi of 0.05, are you meaning that is because your portfolio is new or because editorial images earn much less? I have recently started submitting editorial images so interested how their earnings might compare to typical commercial stuff. Thanks James
  14. No. The problem is still there. Images approved days ago but not showing in my portfolio.
  15. Hi I have had exactly the same problem since about thursday. None of newly approved images are visible in catalogue or manager etc..
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